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Of course. So let's get right back down to business here and go to our friend on the left coast could lead the Patriot. I'm gonna have you finish it out. And Khalid. The Patriot has left the building. He waited a long time He did, but I know he's in the cross fire is out there in California. I mean having to deal with Comrade Newsome. Having to deal with Kevin's and Karen's coming into his gas station and having to deal with all the lunacy But friends tomorrow we had promised you were going to a very, very busy show once again. A couple of housekeeping things. They're not gonna have time to go to other people on on on the phone. So here's what we'll do Want to make sure that you tune into news match TV tomorrow I'm gonna be on Spicer and company. You can check your local listings on your cable guide to check that out. I will be on tomorrow. Really enjoy being a frequent guest. There was Sean Spicer. Great Show Newsmax TV. You've heard me talk about it. Tomorrow I will be on there. Make sure you mark it on your calendar. The Steve Sanders show dot com website again. I want to make sure you're aware Of that website because we have our social media are digital platform, our podcast or archives? Ah lot of media stories. News stories. It's a great place to go shirt with your friends, The Steve Sanchez show dot com Now we're going to also be setting up a town hall. Sometime in September. We're working on that now we're gonna have we're going to dedicate one hour of the show. And we're gonna have Jim Marchant were inviting big Dan Rodham er Andi. I would be willing to invite Susie Lee and Steve Horse furred. If they're willing to come on and have some type of debate. I doubt it because they're afraid of the show, but that's okay. But we're going to definitely do this. Invite some of the people in the Republican Party conservative movement in Nevada so that you can have a clear choice. And, you know, the only choice is to turn the state red. I mean, we need to You just You just need to. I mean, my God, I don't think we can go through much more of this. I mean, just imagine you, you heard for yourself and some of you probably even saw the cliffs. Of the committee and how Jerry Nadler behaved how the Democrats behaved towards the attorney general. I mean, if it was Loretta Lynch sitting in that seat, and the Republicans were in charge of the committee, and they did to her what they did to him today, there would be an outrage. But this is you get used to it. I'm telling you, this is why November is do or die. I mean, just really is Get used to it. November is do or die, because if we somehow ushered in a Biden presidency, God help us all. Biden would not be the president. I mean, he'd be a president for just a small season, the VP would be the president. And the level of socialism that is going to come to us is going to be like nothing we've ever seen. I'm telling you, it's just going to be outrageous. All right. The sponsors this half hour, the young law group you've heard me speak about Shane Jasmine Young and 19 2001 of the top 100 women in business. One.

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