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Jim Steeg responsible for making the Super Bowl. What it is. I think more than any other person we could get. On the podcast, Jim Steeg. Welcome through heavy, my friend. It's good to be here. I'm glad you think. So highly to write that down somewhere. Yeah. Put out all the hose on on this podcast for you. Because the Super Bowl is the biggest one day sporting event. Maybe in the world, I think that's maybe not even subject argument the whole business of sports business of the world. At least this country seems to stop on Sunday. But it's much more than that. And we'll talk about that. I guess what I like to sort of take listeners inside and sort of deconstruct guests in terms of what got you to being at the league and running the Super Bowl. We'll get to that. But sort of take us up to that moment. I believe when you were hired by Pete Rozelle. You're like twenty nine years old. So give us a little bit of background, so many people listening to know how to get into sports and other people's paths. So tell us about yours. Well. I would undergrad at Miami of Ohio. Which thankfully, we have another Miami of Ohio one now, and and all this year this to McVeigh and certainly Chris Shula salt to now. Right. So it's I went there gun put up with science degree worked for years and accountant decided, you know, maybe I'll go to school and try to get JD MBA. And then I thought I don't know if I can put up with four years of that. So I went and got an MBA from Wake Forest and was fortunate enough to that was like the second year of the program. And so we had a lot of freedom and what we could do and develop an interest in sports. And so he did some independent studies around that. And then when it came back my second year Christmas my second year, my father challenged me. Well, okay, go get a job in sports. So I fired up. I know this is something foreign to everybody these days, I sent letters to every every sports for like, a think of except those New York. So since I. I was from Boston..

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