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Mayor Vanderbilt WGN traffic central and the WGN forecast meteorologist, Tim McGill. Dangerous record breaking cold on the way ill arrive here during the day to day, but will feel especially tomorrow morning and Thursday morning. Windchill advisories and affect six o'clock this evening. Once it expires immediately. We've got a Wichaworn go into effect at six o'clock tonight will last to noon on Thursday, partly to mostly cloudy force, stay bluster. A few flurries are few light snow showers and with some gusty west winds. We could see areas of blowing snow reducing visibilities and afternoon. High around three degrees wind chills today around fifteen thirty below flurries early tonight and partly cloudy. Bitter cold record-breaking Cole could get down at twenty six below in the outlying areas. Twenty one below in the loop wind chills tonight down around forty to fifty below partly to mostly sunny. Tomorrow, breezy, bitter, called a high of thirteen blow that'd be a record cold all-time high for Chicago thirty to fifty blows what will feel like? At times tomorrow Thursday, partly to mostly sunny, bitter, cold we recover to about two in the afternoon, but wind chills early in the day thirty five to forty five below snow possible early Friday, just a dusting. They're mostly cloudy twenty warming up for the weekend. Thirty-seven I've Saturday partly to mostly cloudy forty s by Sunday. I'm Tim from the WGN weather center white snowfall at both airports feels like twenty below at O'Hare real temp of one of their four above downtown. I'm Vic Vaughn in the WGN newsroom. Ready to join the conversation live whenever story changes on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. Afraid. The AllState skyline studio this is the Steve Cochran show on seven twenty WGN. Six. Colder tonight. Talk about Chicago public schools never close the closer tomorrow yesterday. That's a big deal and shamburg is still climbing. She can't come to work. She's Mexico for saying, quote, unquote, stuck Dave it is where's Dave enemies in Maryland had a game night against the Terrapins Sunday. They were afraid to snow on Monday. Yeah. So.

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