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He's ready to take on that big of a role or will take on that big of a role is something that remains to be seen that will work out in August and September, but in terms of his developmental track, right? Like where he is in his development, the fact that they're trusting him to be out there with the starting group at times already is a really good indication that he's picking up the playbook. He's doing his homework. He's impressing the coaching staff, whether it's in the classroom, or it's out on the practice field. He's done enough to be earning those reps, which in May for a rookie that's been on the team for less than a month. That's a great sign. That's a great sign. And that's especially when most of the rookies yesterday were pretty much non participants. Right. Him and Cole strange were the two guys that actually participated in practice. At a full tilt. Relative full tilt compared to what everybody else was doing. Yeah, right. But I'm just saying the other guys Pierre strong taekwon Thornton. I've listed them as non participants. I know a lot of people that listen to them as limited. They went through positional drills at the beginning of practice and then I did nothing else, right? So those guys were really, really limited, it was nice to see Jack Jones already in the mix. Like, that's exactly where you want them to be at at this stage. Probably ahead of schedule, honestly. In some ways, the fact that he was already out there. You let JC Jackson walk, you lose Jackson and kill more last year. The first quarter you take and you can argue that maybe they should have taken one sooner. That's a different discussion though. You lose your top two corners in two years. Your top two corners right now are a guy who's probably a one guy's probably a safety. The other guy who was retired last year, the corner you take better be contributing day one. I would not say he's at a schedule. Maybe compared to their usual rookie standards he's ahead of schedule, but for where this team needs him to be. He's on schedule. He needs to be contributor this year. If he's not, you know, I don't want to play the whole go back and second guess the draft game. I don't. But if he doesn't contribute this year, that's going to be the biggest question going back. It's not going to be did they reach on cold strange. It's not going to be their reach on tack one Thornton it's going to be why didn't they take a defensive back earlier when they had nobody at that position? I wanted to take a.

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