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You might be passed return. I don't think you just say well we give up. We're not gonna try. We just don't want hand. I'm just saying what if you know. I know it makes us feel better to be in control. But what if we're not that's all i'm saying. What if we can now you right well. That is your front page news so helpful this morning sent me some in energy. Listen i'm definitely sending healing energy. To earth is absolutely healing itself. The earth is sending out healing energy. Are y'all paying attention. That's what i wanted. Humid been again and now earth is bucking. That's all i'm tally. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one five one if you need to vent phone lines wide open. It's the breakfast club morning. The breakfast club your time to get it off your checks whether you're man won't blast have fame and we want to hear from you on the breakfast. Hello who's this morning. This from brooklyn showing from broken chess. Brooke man ain't over his weather and global warming. I mean let's be really every day in a fellow that they control the weather. Look at five hundred. Twenty two degrees. He made it rain. tell us was born on. We listen to the other rhetoric after with risk. I mean he did say that in dubai. They said they needed rain. And it made it rain. Which was crazy so i mean you might be on little son. I'm remember keeping it while hunting. They tell you but it's up to you to pay attention. They don't call nothing. Pay attention a. They might have made it rain but they didn't make one hundred twenty degrees. They didn't make it a hundred twenty. Undependable is gonna be hot. it's been no. It has not some of the highest heat on record. What are we talking about. Hit one hundred. Twenty degrees is not normal in the next ten years. Things keep going the way they are. Which i don't see how they're going to reverse it things keep going. We might not even be able to go outside in the summertime. One hundred twenty degrees is. I don't think it was one hundred and twenty. I think he was exaggerated in create me because this morning it's all about money. It's all about money okay. I don't know to tell you all right. Well thank you sir and weather dubai's usually about it goes from One hundred one hundred and six and he says rarely does it go to one. Twelve italy italy got italy. That guy like that to some italy. One hundred degrees in nineteen. I'm looking at it rheinland. Hello who's this jay from las vegas. Hey what's up man. Get it off your chest man. I just wanna ask me how. What the what. The white premiums party guys are always talking about with. That mean was the white privilege card. What are you talking about. What does that mean white privilege card is always getting benefited brad for me. Black pearl is just a privilege and honor to be black. That's all it's something spiritual i tap into. You know the spirits of my ancestors in know that you know. There's something greater controlling me and mine. I always say white privilege is something systemic black privileges. Something spiritual daybreak. Thank you sir. So he wanted to get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one five one if you need to vent.

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