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Hey how you doing what's up man so i gotta say that so i'm a coach i coach like baseball and other on base for my whole life and i will say i wouldn't necessarily say it's softer but i would say it's getting a little bit more classier it's not it's it's lot less wild thing a lot more speed hayes now and when i coach i get a lot of kids and i don't necessarily want them to the spiking people second base because that's just you're gonna lose that way you know if you play with class you play with dignity and you win like you know how to win 'cause you do it every day then you you you play classier and it's almost expected so you hold yourself at a higher standard and i think you know being a yankee fan as well you know that whole spike in the second base if you're not happy you want eat dog players out there the ones that you can go out there and just both know get turpin somebody's ear or no punt jose teesta or something like that but at the same time i think it's become a lot class here and it's it's not so much software game but i think there's a lot there's a hot hired dignity when it comes to baseball nowadays is your perspective classier in classy can happen without losing your your toughness i still think as it relates to the game of baseball and maybe it's a commissioner's office ever a problem with the fact that you can't solve these things on the field anymore for me results in a whole bunch of problems several of you want to weigh in so we're gonna take a couple more calls at eight five five.

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