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Gonna get the latest on a covid outbreak in eastern Washington. Right now, 12 30. A little bit cases fueled by the Delta variants are getting worse. The CDC shows 95% of counties in the U. S. A reporting high community transmission, the highest level since the CDC began tracking cases in this pandemic. The president tomorrow expected to outline new strategies for the nation to battle this latest wave, including the rollout of booster shots. September 20th. New York Governor Kathy Hogle today at a briefing urging more residents, including Children, 12 and up to get vaccinated, she says the state has enough surplus for boosters too much different from earlier this year. It was like the hunger games. Everybody was trying to get the vaccine there were not enough available. This is a very good news dynamic. Right now. There will be plenty of vaccines available for people to get the booster shots. Organizers of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade say the event will return to the streets of New York City this year. Since its virtual pandemic event, But crowds will still be limited along the miles long route. Michelle Franzen ABC News com Oh news 1000 FM 97 7 Good afternoon 12 31 from the coma 24 hour News Center. I'm Jeff Coggiola. Here's what we're following. One hospital leader says he hoped this day would never come because most Brian Calvert reports he's referring to crisis standards of care protocols. Have been enacted for the first time. It's happening just across the state line in northern Idaho. We are beyond the point where we can continue to offer care in a normal a setting with normal levels of care. Jeremy Evans is with Kootenay Health and says the new protocol means if they're short on things like ventilators, oxygen and staff They now have to choose who gets assistance. And who doesn't. Some hospitals here in Washington may not be far from having to do the same thing. After nearly 8000 new cases of Covid were confirmed over the holiday weekend in both Washington and Oregon quite clear that, uh, the vaccine provides a lot of protection, but it's not 100%. You know, some people still do end up in the hospital. The homeless executive Dave Summers, says his hospitals are close to capacity and that outdoor mask mandates may help. We're looking at both peers can And in King County Regulation. Brian Calvert Ammonia Covid outbreak is so severe in Cowlitz County that the.

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