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We talked about it after tidy They were three point favorites. But I don't think anyone surprised if the jets would win today. The raiders traveling. I'm from the West. It's attending embodied guy. You know what I mean. The raiders have a lot of flaws at the end of the day. I don't think anyone Vinnie sits there and says oh man. I'm I'm really shot. The raiders lost. I think many nine the Illegi. Heidi we were shot. How they looked like it was really lakes startling? They just were so inept. Dropping passes missing assignments committing penalties missing villa. If you come in here and you lose like we said like he did to the Texans or games like that where you're competitive guy. They lost the game. It kind of hurts their playoff chances. But they're still they're still capable. Man Vinnie the way they lost was just like you walk out of your home will last for themselves after the drop trump dropped passes like you said the missed field goal. And then what I don't think was a roughing the passer that was attack attack right unhappy so the little things like that started to happen. And then it's how you react to what's going on and they didn't react well at all and I think Jon Gruden talked about that about the learning your experience of. Hey it's at Bercy you have to fight through it. They didn't fight through it. And that's the most disturbing thing to me but it's also unfortunately a trait of a young team. That just happens sometimes and maybe this is the wakeup call obey needed. I kind of wrote about that like you know. Probably buying into the hype a little too much with a three game winning streak They probably aren't as good as we assume that they were off about three game winning streak that got proven today and maybe it's a wake up call to just come. I'm correct at least at the very least whether they lose in Kansas City or not. They've also chances are they will dry But you don't WanNa go down you know. Would somebody dropping at fifty hammer on you. Like Dirk are alluded to if they don't correct well they don't and I know you guys will both be there. The forecast right now for next Sunday for the chiefs game five thirty four and snow so they struggled a little here in the little wet year. They they gotta turn that around around and What was the number of Dirk as he is now? Two and nine in it's fifty degrees or below with a quarterback rating of sixty seven. And another number you WANNA consider. Chiefs are coming off a bye. Andy Reid. is the chiefs coaches seventeen in three of a by eight and a half points. It's opened as I think that will probably go up tick right away after. What the raiders? With light today day at a price settled somewhere around nine but They're they're in for challenge. I mean there's no question about that. It's definitely struggled when it comes down to inclement weather and producing using well in it and this is a key game and we were talking to people in the locker room about Kansas City You had spoke with tyrone Williams about it and he said there's no doubt these guys bounceback spat. Max crosby. Same thing is exceeding slow for sleds. What they're gonNA SAY WE'RE GONNA bounce back from when you look at Kansas City and playing hang up in arrowhead and the crowd noise that comes along with bat and just knowing that it's going to be under fifty cardizem do well? You know what I mean gene. How do the raiders go back to the drawing board to prepare for this game will? I'll tell you what you and I were at the urine. I remember the first game this year. Second Week of the season Tyreek Rickie was not with the chiefs that at that point. He was hurt so that that helped the raiders for preparation. That he's able to Hammy in the last game of. They said he could have possibly ladies laugh. Amy's at a week to prepare we. I didn't Tyreek Hill play but if you take away and it's kind of silly even saying this Vinnie. If you take away the nine minute stretch where Mahomes at three touchdown pass linked the raiders. Played them even. She saw the end of the game. He scored while another blow as well. And you can't take the nine minutes way because that's relitigate but for the majority that game like you're the eye test was like they're not that they're not getting dominated night he he was just mahomes for nine minutes. He was magic and they went so if they can somehow look at that film and figure out how they played with them for so long and you know obviously you can't have nine minutes like that. They might be in it again. You know I I wrote about it in the column for tomorrow. There's so many unexplainable cleanable things this. This lost me was really one of those things in sports. You can't explain. We'll explain why they played this way. And you know again not an excuse But there is something to be said about playing teams that you have no real idea about especially with young quarterback that you never played before So who I'm not saying. It's easier to play the chiefs but there are no known better. Yeah yeah they're going to know them better there. Were things that the jets were doing today that you can tell whether it was. We talked about this communication on the back end. And that's lacking right now without lamarcus out there in the quarterback of the whole thing and other youngsters back their injuries and trains that they've had so it's like a rebuilt yep secondary which they expunge exploited that already so many creative things they did that. Maybe they'd saw it on film. Maybe they didn't see it on film if they didn't see it on film distorted a bad job of reacting to it and covering it but that speaks sometimes too inexperienced lack chemistry You know who's WHO's quarterbacking it back there So getting marketing will help a lot of familiarity. I think and there's GonNa be a sense of urgency. It's there's They have their attention on like the jets who were serving unknown. And maybe just stop on the way to some bigger goals. Obviously Chapin fell run on their face. on that yet set. But so I you know I always fight. I WANNA see urgency. I WANNA see fight competitiveness. Not Hanging their heads. When bad things happen I'm At the very least I'm not into moral victories or anything like that but a better showing yes and just kind of show that they're still on the right. Okay so we head into Arrowhead next week for the second of this two game. Road trip raiders. Right now three game winning streak snapped by this lots of the jets again. A final score thirty Ford three can catch everything with greeny and venables annuity on twitter correctly. You Save you save the Yod you say honey. On any other way I lived here in New York for quite a while in had a lot of friends with names that have a bad opera and Theatrical Warner game on the field after zero eight kids Benny on my linebackers take cover to cover three as a young man right spot. This is a forty three out of three hundred under these guys on twitter added Greeny and Vinnie. Bunsen Yoda for all of their work. In keeping.

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