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Fields vegas july twenty twenty one half to give a report on vegas so much going on the positive. I think this was the most crowded july day. That i've ever seen on the las vegas strip since i have lived here. Confluence of events had a bruno. Mars concert had a garth brooks concert. Us olympic basketball team playing here. And there's going to be a w. nba all star game. All right. maybe that's not so important. But the first three certainly the first to mackenzie driving into the strip. I'm going in the back way again. I don't get on. I fifteen but some driving along adjacent to hide way. I'm passing mandalay bay. And i'm hearing seeing the signs. You ge- delays parking event parking eighty dollars on the strip. So forget about free parking by the way if you do come to vegas a lot or you live in vegas The way out of paying for parking his sign up for the mgm resorts credit card. That will get you pearl status on your players card pearl status people park for free. So that's the best bet that you absolutely have to take advantage of. But just walking around pandemic sham democ. There is no pandemic in terms of the perception of those attending all these events. Because it was as crowded as i've ever seen in vegas. Why is that significant while one. I think that vegas is going absolutely boom here in the rest of the the year this year in terms of sports betting in terms of all aspects of gambling because the crowd. The pent-up demand is so huge. How does that help us as sports bettors. Why think it certainly helps us with more public money entering into the pool. And you'll start to see things where you'll get line moves that will go contrary to what they should examples this past weekend. I really think you got to go ahead and take a look at the mcgregor pouria fights where despite every pro that i spoke to saying boy was had tremendous value and that conor mcgregor is best days for the notorious one are behind him that You could really get bargains on a specifically wynn. Las vegas when as low as minus one twenty when the market was minus one forty. I saw some other shops at minus one twenty five. I know what some folks are saying. Says your pass posting this easy to pick the winner after the fact well my ac- fight of the year. Wasn't he'd poor. So i was on him before the fight. And certainly lots of value going against conor mcgregor similar to the mayweather mcgregor fight where literally every pro better. I know did bet on mayweather in a boxing match. If you have a undefeated boxer against a pretty good yes see fighter. And they're in a boxing match mckenzie. Who you bet on the undefeated boxer. There you go you know. I did want to mention also that the limits though in town have not been going up by what. I've been observing so oftentimes hard to make a whole lot of money but this is really an exception to the rule where you can go ahead and get down big on things like a big. Ufc fight. and. I can attest last week last wednesday when you came in you had the exact same. We had the exact same conversation about roy mcgregor. The question was is one hundred ten degrees outside in vegas. Will there be enough public bedding to get that number down in the win. That's a place where a lot of you know. International clientele likes to arrive at five star resort. I'm wondering if all the international money maybe some irishmen For some good crack some grand time came to the win and cut that number down and you let me know about that minus one twenty. Thank you because. I did take advantage yet. I think that this was a perfect storm. It was so crowded. The pros know about the wind but like on the app. I bet it on the appaling mice when twenty two hundred dollar limit on my app and that's nice and i was thinking no you really should drive over the win and get down and i thought to myself. How much are they going to give me. If i actually go there in person and make this bet maybe to win five hundred they have not barred me but they've certainly backed me off in terms of taking large wagers. And so was it worth my time to go over there and lay that minus twenty to get another nickel when i could just bet minus one thirty effortlessly at several other shops. Pretty much whatever. I wanted to bet and i gotta be honest the bruno mars concert and the garth brooks concert and all that traffic. And i said it's gonna be a good hour and a half to get across town to the win and back and it just wasn't worth my time given. I didn't think that they would take a really big bat. And i think there's other pros who thought that way and because of that there just wasn't enough pro money to balance the public money coming in on the notorious one last thing for me on las vegas coming back to life. You've mentioned frank daily. Not exactly the best vegas player. The us olympic team. They lost two huge upsets. A thirty point favorite. A nineteen point favorite back to back losses you. We've never seen in college basketball. We looked it up. Wonder if that's something to do with it. I think that's a sage piece of advice there. By the way you said frank daily you want to John daly their way..

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