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Using your woke radical ideology to insert it into every single crisis, whether it's a blizzard or a hurricane. And I'll say this stuff on 'cause I know we have him coming up. Ron DeSantis has handled this just beautifully throughout the whole process. And they're baiting him into saying stupid things because they keep attacking them with, you know, this is because you don't believe in climate change. And he has been spot on my wife even said it last night, I was watching a desantis club and she's like, he has handled this better than I ever could have imagined him. When it comes to a crisis, governance and doing the right thing and serving the community far outweighs anything political. No one gets a damn about anything political in a crisis, especially a natural disaster. And I will say this. I'm not a fan of Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey. But he took a ton of heat. I want to say sandy, whatever the hurricane it was, it was just before the election. And Barack Obama went and spent time with Chris Christie. And, you know, people on the right melted down over that. And I disagreed with that. It's a hurricane. You're having a natural disaster. Republicans, Democrats, regardless of where you are at the federal level state level, you need to come together and help and serve people. And even Ron DeSantis. He had phone calls with President Biden. He worked with elected leaders of all political parties across the political spectrum because in a crisis he need to serve people and work together. And that's what he did. And that's how politics should work, right? That that to me is what politicians should do, not I don't like him because he's on the left. I don't like him because he's on the right. You work together in these tragic moments. And this is a trip. I mean, the people of Santa bell island, you know, I hope as many people that stayed and they shouldn't have, but many people had stayed are safe. That island is ruined potentially forever at this point. It's sadder than I mean, this is the first major hurricane I've paid attention to. That is just heartbreaking. My in laws, like I said in Fort Myers, the places we used to go to dinner all the time on Fort Myers beach, this little pier we used to go to. It's all gone. Every bit of it.

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