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Moment i will warmer according to show any way which is a month before to will be published uh it's green mid won't be for long but not amount okay anyway it's this i i thought it was a great resource in alex thanks so much for pointed out to us because if that's you know on your mind you what that steady fix we only hit security subjects every month or so right and views these guys are literally tap it every day path path coal so alex thank you so much your commented on iraq smug is on its way to unitewd like a done at roc smug write a column of the website at dynamicautotunecom or via any of our social media because we publish every showed to facebook and google plessey to become a damn read on the show we'll send you a monk and definitely follow us on twitter i'm at carl franklin he's at rich campbell senate's a tweet we only read the hash is trust me they're safe there say all right let's introduce our guest cameron burge tear down rude cameron as the microsoft philanthropies humanitarian response manager has the responsibility for coordinating across the company the provision of resources to external agencies providing humanitarian relief during sudden onset humanitarian disasters as with others on the team he also has a portfolio of other engagement areas with nonprofits to include awareness on data privacy and cybersecurity issues a tarik booed is principal program manager an architect in the azure active directory customers success team terek works closely with customers who are deploying azure eighty identity scenarios to help them design and implement their solutions to their employees or consumers smoothly insecure late he's an eleven year veteran a microsoft ten of them in the identity division welcome guys thank you thank you there were who should we start with camera i i guess i i just like to introduce the topic of the show this is obviously.

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