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One 22 in store only while supplies last That will be news time ten 41 Traffic and weather on the 8th to Carlos Ramirez in the TOP traffic center Thank you so very much and we are still dealing with the accident seen out in Glen Bernie It's gonna be on the eastbound side of Marilyn 100 on your approach towards I 97 I kind of got an image of it in the camera You can kind of see some flashy lights in the distance unclear which lanes are affected So just take it a little bit slow as you make way past a one 70 you will start to see those brake lights just on your approach towards I 97 Just follow the police direction along that stretch Elsewhere on the westbound side of route 50 headed through laying them on your approach towards the beltway It looks like just as you pass the beltway the far left hand side of the roadway is a correction It looks like the far right hand side of the roadway is affected here as you make way past the beltway It looks like traffic is just light enough though that is not going to cause the worst delay in the world For 50 Annapolis road on the westbound side so hearing about that crash on the ramp that takes you towards two 95 the BW Parkway hearing about off road activity to generally speaking off road activity takes a little bit longer to handle in Arlington north glee roads still hearing about that fire department activity just south of north Quincy street Looks like the first round of rush hours of the evening has started to die down We were seeing an awful lot of volume on the roadways headed into your city centers particularly into D.C. but we were also seeing traffic at it to Tyson's and places of the likes So remember take it slow pack your patience and be kind to each other more than anything That's park The capitol building the World War II memorial just a few of the iconic structures built and maintained by steam fitters local 6 O two To work with them visit steam fitters 6 O two dot org Carlos Ramirez WT traffic Now to storm team four meteorologists Matt Ritter Wrapping up the year with some mild temperatures but big changes are on the way for 2022 at least in the first few days of it.

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