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It needs to go away can't do nothing anymore Disaster for the country. People should get vaccinated as soon as possible. Let's cover all the basis. The patient who has not traveled recently believes he contracted covert in a jewelry store in Saratoga Springs. Governor Cuomo says around 5000 tests for this UK variant have been conducted across New York state. Saratoga Springs case, the only one so far I'm Scott Pringle. W o R News expect most Americans to be Vaccinated against coronavirus By summer, NBC NEWS Medical correspondent Dr John Torrez says he believes the vaccine rollout will become smoother as time goes by. That story is also issuing a warning about the continued use of masked fight the virus, he says. We're going to have to continue wearing masks even after we get the vaccine. Today is the Georgia runoff election as the Republicans try and hang on to two Republican Senate seats Kelly Leffler and David Perdue. Being challenged by Raphael, Warnock and John also often huge amounts of money being spent on the neck and neck race is purchase data for media research firm C. M A G shows the candidate's party committees and outside political groups combined have spent more than $514 million on ads. Looking at just candidates and party committees. Democrats are outspending Republicans. $117 million compared to 111.5 million. But from outside spending, Republicans spent three times more than Democrats looking at just after the election. GOP outside groups have poured in $168 million on ad spending, compared to 58 million for Democratic outside groups. Lionel Boys ABC news and We may not know it, and I do. The winners are on George's election. But George officials allowed counties to begin processing more than three million early votes last week, which Would speed up the process. They also don't expect as many people who voted in November to vote today we have forecast.

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