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Again. Neither is expected to go until almost a month from now so it's not necessarily bad news but it is all a bit confusing. Here's news that'll shock. No one company being being sued by another company says it will fight being sued. I told you yesterday of the wildly convoluted set of suits brought against a number of companies including oppal google t._s._m._c. by the u._s. based semiconductor foundry global foundries boiling down global foundries argues that the wpro sissies t._s._m._c. employees from its twenty eight nanometer process down at the upcoming seven nanometer process violate its intellectual property now at suing for a number of remedies including having every google phone barred from imports into the us along with every i._o._s. Device made by apple bowl to t._s._m._c. Them's fighting words and they say they're up for it. T._s._m._c. will vigorously defend its proprietary technology. Oh gee and response to global foundries complaints says the banner on a page from the company site t._s._m._c. says it's in the process of reviewing the complaints filed by global foundries though it also says it's confident that global foundries allegations are baseless then more on the fight according part part of the t._s._m._c. statement. We're disappointed to see a foundry peer resort to meritless lawsuits instead of competing in the marketplace with technology t._s._m._c. t._s._m._c. proud of its technology leadership manufacturing excellence and unwavering commitment to customers..

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