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All right. Let's go go. I really don't WanNa go backwards but I wanNA know what somebody like you. 'cause you're like me? We can't sit still in a different city. You're in a different country every week. What have you been doing? What have you been doing this whole time? Well I took time out to press reset so long nights up on the computer projects whiteboards making sure that I keep everything together sourcing or started out making sure that I have at least one hour straight jogging. While treat run streets straight men tash straight for the bring a up and at least forty five to fifty minutes. I'm ready to go. Go go go go. The brain has to get that and the first meeting of the day. Since all of this quarantine has been to wake up and start working out a no no wait cardio exerciser but I went to a secret warehouse where somebody been working on something for five years okay. I'm not going to give names. I'm not gonNA talk about it. I'M NOT GONNA yeah. I didn't even tell you murder last night. I didn't even tell you what I did trae. Now you're GONNA love this. I don't go on rides in Disneyland and all that stuff like the real big the big rides but what I do do do do what I do. Is I go what I do. Is I go into the virtual rides you know where you sit in the chairs and the chair in everything moved but you watch the big screen and it's like you feel like you're flying and you're moving and everything's moving. You know those rides. Everybody knows it closed door. Take Black Room. And you're moving. So I did go to Disney world once with Justin Bieber. Him Selena and I got bullied into going on a roller coaster which was worth experiencing. They were laughing at me for the first five rides in and I was like okay. This is embarrassing now. I have to do this to save some kind of face with the two of them because it was like becoming embarrassing anyway so what I did last night. I know this trainer right so I see him about a month ago and he text me. I want to show you something I've been working on. You gotta come try this right so I'm like okay. I'm like I don't want to run a private studio. You'll be by yourself low blah. I'm like all right because it's corona. You can't really do anything so and it's closed so he's come by. I don't write him back for a month so two days ago. I finally goes mad because I'm like I WANNA start. Actually training with a trainer even been working out a little bit and I got bigger Murdo. Right my soldiers back is huge right now. Big Boy big boy bigger much bigger the swear anyway so I finally look at this thing and he sends me this thing and I go. What is he sent me a youtube link and he goes. I've been working on this for for five years and I want you to try it and I was like okay so I see this video. I'm like I don't understand what this is okay. Are you ready? He goes. It's not. It's not a jam. It's out of a building in a warehouse. So I take the Rolls Royce. The Green Rolls Royce in a back alley somewhere. And I'm like what the fuck. Where am I? He greets me outside anyways to me and he takes my temperature and he puts me on oxygen meter to make sure that I have no Cova Corona. And he's really crazy. 'cause they're not open he just wanted me to try this and show me dry. I walk into this room right the doors close and it's twenty bikes so like soul cycle and I don't go on by them. I think to go cycling. And it's a huge fucking screen and he goes to put your heels. Keep your shoes on for the first time. I get on one of the bikes and he goes to start going start. Going all of a sudden he goes. Where do you WanNa go I go? I don't know let's go to in San Diego all of a sudden the fucking San Diego comes onto the screen huge full screen like a movie theater. I get on the biking pedaling and guess what the bike starts going. While I'm going. It starts moving left and right up and down so I thought moving looking at the screen. It looks like I am going through the fucking thing like in the movie theaters like Disney. Except I'm riding the bike exercising going one hundred miles an hour. It was the best exercise. Bro It's San Diego but then if we went through Malibu we went through all this stuff in the middle of it. It's all music videos that are playing and and it just comes on really quick to get you going in and you're like back onto the roads in San Diego driving for writing by the ocean. Stand up sit down and you're like moves. The whole bike moves up though everything going. You don't WanNa you don't WanNa stop. I WANNA stop. I did the whole hour. Almost can't walk today and I didn't WanNa stop and I'm ready to go back tomorrow. Well how cool is that good? That's the newest new. It's not like regular cycling. It's like the. He's doing exactly what he was talking about right working. He's working right now. On the other side we come out more stuff to go. We're going to see the difference on the other side. I interested in now. I know posted that live thing which raise like a million dollars. Were you were you part of that so? I want to show you something. Everyone South Orion right by you waited. Everyone did it too early and I hated the ones on TV. They were more depressing number. I respect back to see or the culture's been the same thing to me just seem right. Everyone was jumping on I. G. P. or three. It chair at a very good coming up with creative stuff. But as sort of to do sermon give them but then she said it to me one night he wanted to do the show. That's a tribute Terry. What was premiums? When he mentioned it should unemotionally was Sunday. I mean probably said a couple of days. Oh probably thinking. Wow we will. How can we do it with one or to or get given raising money for Coleman just what we're going through right now they don't want it to seem with all the bells and whistles all the sponsor yellow people to come.

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