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Now, you can ask Google assistant to scream our live coverage of the NCAA tournament on abled speaker or display like Google or Google home hob disaster doodle assistant to play March madness on Westwood wanted. You'll be taken directly you our live audio scream seven forty six to go and Louisville Virginia fifty eight Purdue fifty five Brandon Gaudin Will Perdue with you. What continues to develop into a great game Carson Edwards with thirty. For Purdue will and nobody else has more than six. We knew that in the NC double A tournament. Carson had was a scoring almost half their points through the first three games. Now, they had the luxury of Ryan client stepping up and dropping twenty seven against Tennessee. But nobody else outside of Edwards has answered the bell for Purdue in a lot of that has to do with Virginia. And how they're playing defense almost kind of sounds like the Jordan rules. We're gonna let Edward stores many points as possible shut down the other four guys on the floor. And we don't think one guy could beat us Virginia ball out of the time out. They bring it up. They've got it on the right wing with tile guy. He's got a Virginia. Hi, nineteen point Albert one hundred other base, heart hunter gets a screen from salt probes inside the yard and assault on the block, seventy shoot salt. Two dribbles west hand. Hooked strong. Rebound comes down at Purdue. We got a whistle foul had it's called against Virginia's baba Devi Akita his second team v. He tried to go underneath the basket that time, but Williams for Purdue did a nice job of that time. Putting the body on them. Enough when you put a body on him. He tried to go over the top. This lineup of both arms and Williams. Both teams go big on the second half. Perdue. Dumps it inside the Williams. He takes two dribbles hook shot in the leg. Good. What pretty by the fresh? Perdue has crawled back within one point what he knows how to use that two hundred eighty pounds. He's nimble for a man that side good footwork gets around salt, and finishing with the right hand up goes, the decibel level would inside a seven apply on the right wing, Tai Giral bouncing back. Seven feet behind the art Tai Giral books. Virginia up four will produce switches with Williams Andre robe. So he dribbles and step back farther away from the three point line. Williams is not coming out to defend a shock Giral now with nineteen passes over left side too hard. They go back into the big band Williams. Spins left shoulder has it slotted out of bounds by the Akita. His third block of the game Williams spun baseline he ended up. Behind the backboard, though, he tried to take that ball right in front of the via Keith day face of the Akita to swats it right out of bounds tend to shoot Purdue. Inbound a good part of their bench. Those coaches standing as a habit all game. Neither one is ever led to their team to a five zero four. We got ourselves a ballgame here partner, it has been fantastic of the energy in this building unmatched pass inside deflected by solving taken away by Virginia. Nice job by salty sprints back to Williams doesn't even see the ball, but gets his hands up in the air. And it bounces off him in Virginia. Picks it up by Purdue turnovers. Just three Virginia. Six minutes to go on my right now. Giral gives it over right wing two hunter hundred steps fifteen left at short. But a weak side tap in by guy. He's got twenty one Virginia's upsets Carson Edward walks into shot. Go up guy slides inside gets a body on Carson Edwards. And then goes to tap into rebound off the glass. Five forty remaining Klein over left side, a hotter. Connor gives it off the hearts arms thought about three and steady fives Edwards up top two hunter. He will let it fly. But he's short from three hundred Williams. Williams salt. But they're going to defer back outside the art. Conor. He wants to get it back to Edwards, and he finally does at the mid stripe Edward stop at pop. How was twelve feet behind the? He was standing on the March madness logo. Quickness, his ninth reporter Perdue down sixty three to sixty. Edward folks has forty four point five minutes and apply. Tile guy. Fouts pass over the right wing, Tai Giral, he gets a screen from salt. Hey stops. He fires a break. No, good rebound outlet. And wait. There's a foul. Perdue is unhappy that the foul was all because Williams was going to be on contested the other way for a dog. Good job by Jerome of Virginia's. He was looking to find the basketball. He saw that Williams had leaked out. So he jumped up like he was trying to deflect a pass. From hunter and he made body contact. So luckily for him the official blew the whistle. Otherwise, he was going to be an easy to for Purdue. Third foul for Jerome. He's the only player on either side with more than two thousand wall down three Edwards driving inside this time. If not a quarter to quarter for Tyson Edwards at Purdue is only down one hard. Did a good job of blocking off so d- accused couldn't come over contest. The shot of Edward sixty three sixty two four twenty. Everybody off in Louisville standing on the right way troubles to the free throw line step back catching quarter, short fraud. Iron. Verdoux led the entire first half. Virginia has led the entire second-half for try to get the lead back. Here's Edward AT. Short from the right wing. Tally stirred Perdue has their first lead of the second half sixty four sixty and that's why Dr drew so important to every team you have to walk out here man eastern came in from the left wing grab the rebound at quarterback in three forty relating. Right-wing Giralda over two hundred left side. He drives puts it up. And there's a foul now. The whistle came right? Is he was going into shot? We'll see if they give them two free throws. The official was signaling that there was no shot foul on the floor. Which means that Regina will have the ball. When we come back break in the action free thirty six to go. Perdue sixty four Virginia sixty three dull blue mussel. You're listening to the men's basketball tournament on the Westwood One radio network. When.

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