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Busted chris boy around. I thought we caught them. The because it's like when bajaj drivers just let it go and pee their pants while they're driving. Why couldn't joe just do that before. C. sucker. Wow you're talking to all of us. Basically match white man man on the phone with us cost me a dollar. You have yourself the dollar. Don't you go on and on and on all the time about people. Having personal responsibility for their actions applies to someone else. Other people not him. Thank you and it's easier to be tough with people that aren't here soon. Jug ed studio all right very good. Thank you very much. Are you ready for a rock and roll threesome today. This is how we celebrate birthdays of grace stars and rock and roll in today. We are celebrating this week anyway. The birthday of max. Weinberg emily mac than the excitement that you want to tell me about max. Weinberg don't even out. I'm just so happy for him that he made it to another birthday. He plays that one yes he does. Yes that drum that he plays in what band. He's in named after a letter of the alphabet. Top try another one. That was very good at all. I'm very impressed. That you are able to come up with one east street band o drums for bruce springsteen okay and i think he played drums for a long time for conan o'brien's sir max weinberg's having a birthday this week. So we're gonna play for you. Three songs by bruce springsteen and you have to name those songs for me all right however the three. I'm gonna play for your all going to play at once. That's the mess. That's the evil bit that sarah invented today is it was pretty messy on friday. I know my maxine rough So three by. Bruce springsteen are you ready. Yeah you gotta buzz in now. Of course you can take notes. You can talk but once you buzzed with your name. Your committed are you reading. Yes be right exchanged. I was gonna bus ride away on it. You're ready and go okay.

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