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And it really refreshed. I think our take on our bannon or music. I mean just living in that house. I'm picturing like the monkees directed by John Hughes or something like that sounds like. What was it like when you were recording working on music? Because it fun? Yes, it was very funny, very comfortable. A lot of you know. Basically was like tour, but like way more comfortable because you didn't have to wake up in a different city every day. It was a lot of weight. Amazing backyard, we. We made sure that if we're gonNA live in a house for a month, it's really nice, and luckily you know Palm Desert. It's not that expensive and. It was about one hundred and ten degrees out every day, so there wasn't. There wasn't too much going outside. We went during the time of year. Where everybody leaves Palm Desert, so the rental prices were so cheap, so yeah, we got. We got a good amount of house for for. We didn't dip too far into their record budget on that it was it was smart. Though and our I guess our manager was like. Oh, I'll put them in a desert in the middle summer like they're not going to go anywhere her. Quarantine really. There was no distraction because you literally could not step outside of the house without the soles of your shoes melting..

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