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And then it's got to be the finest non ironic hip hop polka on the planet by the November criminals the front yeah yeah yeah so yeah buy a framing and all back this is just one of many parts in many styles of looking out World War one and what is this to start a massive effort called the greatest war and when is that happening so it's happening on November eleventh twenty nineteen and on on Vetter what's now known as veterans day but was before known as armistice day which is something we talk about in the show it's at the memorial union Shannon hall in the Wisconsin union theater at seven thirty PM and it's a rock and roll history show like to just mention this is a multi media there is it's a concert with multiple bands there's spoken word there's a giant twenty foot LED video wall ends I do want to mention I know we we we we can mention that specific ticket price but I can say that there are discounts both for you to be medicine students and union tomorrow union members right yes Sir also arrived just to list the incredible number of people who were involved in this of course the cancers and John Lynch November criminals the viper and is famous orchestra Sean Michael Dargan Hana John Taylor to list the musical part but then and I don't know sick product yeah from the cash box king's from the cash for the things well yeah he plays the the home the harmonica piece for Silent Night okay yeah and then we have a some very recognizable names in a lot of those folks who have come together for this so we have John Nichols a gym Fleming who are both of them involved in media and radio and prince and then also Katie Norman yeah Keating also sings ready yet so he Norman it's got McKenna Campbell maybe maybe a little lesser known to to your listeners but they they've they've been in a lot of production specially the both actors and musicians and they performed a around to an indoor camera like Shakespeare dork dork county and and the Milwaukee but Katie sings with the kids or is on a few numbers and then they do their own song together I'm going to butcher the name but it's a it's a German songs your your sets in by Simon by Simon I'm not looking at it so I'm going to butcher even worse but it's a it's a song that was popular in Wisconsin a German song it was got the nineteen fourteen right and then I will talk about next week of all over and huge ties that there were between Wisconsin and Germany at that point so we'll revisit will visit that next sure McCurry good week and then also have to give a shout out to tell your to youth and global revolutions on Helena whites who is involved also in this production and who also in her own series on her granddad styrene yeah yeah four one and that's how we pull from she reads a couple of of entries from his diary in in the show that's when we focus on the medical workers and then we have also Yvette Pino who is a veteran but also part of this artist collective of a test run who served and and she she's involved with the veteran from museum here Madison too and I think yeah I can the one of the things that was fantastic about pulling this together was the the support and assistance that we got from the veterans museum as well as from the Historical Society who really has been amazingly supportive of this and then also with Banco Leslie departure with the research consultant and also Jon fossel adjacent Vassallo passes the he's he works the magic of the all the technical aspect really smiled as highly technical show and then Sir Marty the production manager so yep there Marty makes cut takes a she she hurts cats professionally and that's what would that you're dealing with this big group of of musicians is just that and she does an amazing job right so I think we pretty much had all the individuals associated plus thank you yeah yeah we should just mention as well four seasons theater which they're Marty is course part of his is a huge part of production support as is Wisconsin unit theater on they've helped do some of the funding for the show Ste do your gear out of Milwaukee that's that's has a generous donation of LED very well and numerous light lighting rigs lighting equipment and then we get a lot of our historical archival material from generous support from Wisconsin Historical Society and Wisconsin to give a shout out to the library and serves as a it's going to show to all librarians yeah also I wanted to let folks know if you go and and turn your browser the greatest war dot org that'll get you over to the official page and you get a little bit of a test to see some of a sort of a production design so it's a great way of learning more about the show yes pictures is the program there's a couple of videos and not easily alike to buy tickets alright so yeah it's been a pleasure yeah we will see you again next week yeah the four to six and a half I have more more the greatest were because there is just so much to talk about that it's hard you can't really fit in one show and I'm I'm glad the productions back and it's just another opportunity for those of us who you seen it we I feel like I want to see it again but if anyone has something that this is a second chance to experience it so yeah thanks again and we'll be right back with some more global revolutions and thanks again we'll see you guys next week great thanks mounting thank you thank you guys chilling thought provoking rocking important these are just a few words that have been used to describe the greatest war war.

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