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Can join us in the live chat each Thursday at ten AM usually. This is from Matthew Dobbins any idea where to find replacement springs or materials to use for jaws of Miller falls? Number two, they're not compression springs just picked up. I just picked one up, but it's missing one of the springs in the Chuck for those of you don't know. Miller falls number two is a beater drill and in the jaw, there are springs that actually keep the open. So that's fit the bits in there. Unless you guys want to jump in, I think I can good answers one. He I go for it. Honestly, finding the springs are parts of the jaws are incredibly difficult. Sometimes you can get lucky and find them on the collectors forms on you on Facebook. Excuse me. And if you ask on there, you might find someone who has an old beater that they're the part out. Another option is setting up a reminder on setting up notification on EBay that may or may not help, and you may be waiting for while, but most of the time, that's the type of thing where you end up buying one that has something broken and just replace the whole Chuck because a small piece like that's pretty hard to come by another option is if you have one of the springs ready way you can do is measures the width of the spring steel itself, and you can actually go by wire spring steel and shape it to fit that it takes a good bit to bend it into shape and hold that shape, but you can't actually make your own. Brings it just takes a little work. Funny enough. I was actually suggest making your own springs. There's some good YouTube videos on spring making, especially if you're ready, have one in there. He just duplicate the think this'll Tony as a good bit on that, but it seems that's another one of those things seems like so much work like there's like the only literature availables like a book that was written in seventeen thirteen. And you know, you have to have the feel like you have to have a leave and like there's a lot of a lot of science that's involved in spring making. Would that be something that like McMaster Carr would have like dislike the spring and this isn't like spring you'd be thinking about? It's it's more like a an l. shape. Okay. And so it's a bit piece of middle as opposed to curly q. spring into a very specific shape. Well, then find that I get. Yeah, like McMaster Carr. Amazon, you can find regular strings, but probably not this one. Right? So I forgot if wanted to mentioned something you guys are familiar with ample tune saying that my friend John doing, I know so of our listeners are as well. So we have had people stealing our music and copyrighting it so so that's. Yeah. Cool. Is at bats, countless hours big time. Yeah, we've made it so far. It's only all of our electric synth wave tracks were probably just gonna take all of them down literally the same day every so far every time that Jimmy dressy uses. One of those tracks the same day. Somebody like starts new account and like copyrights all the of tracks. So we haven't had a hit on any of our other stuff yet were working. We're fighting with YouTube right now trying to get the the copyrights released, but that's that's been pretty pretty disheartening. Blow to both of us. Cassini were putting. Like probably eight to ten hours into these songs and for somebody for free in for somebody to try and collect royalties on our. Super frustrating. That's sell kind though, f why anybody out there? I think. I mean, it's it's a, I think if you had the music up before they tried to copyright him, I think you're safe. I talk to Jimmy and he said he hasn't had any issues, but we've had one or two people that have tried to upload a video with our Cynthia, they've tracks and they're getting flagged..

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