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The bracket and if we can get past columbia was probably going to be without their best player now you've got a pretty simple path final not simple i don't want to disrespect sweden or any other teams on that side of the bracket but i think this team could make it to the final and in england that's a big deal they made it to the semis in nineteen ninety they basically topped out at the quarters that's our best performance since last world cup they didn't even get out of the group face which in england is a catastrophe making my pickle pretty good so neymar name are mocked he's been named he's the stop dropping role that is just amazing does he serve it well so my answer changes based on the moment my mother's mexican i'm a huge mexico national team fan that's a team that we were following in russia so when i'm in the stadium and name neymars rolling around in wasting time it was way too much over the top here's the reality though you gotta have context here he is targeted in every game he plays because he's great and because he's on the ball lot back to two thousand fourteen world cup they're planning it's colombian the quarterfinals columbia banged him all game long and at the end of the game they literally broke his back he couldn't play in the semifinal and that's the catastrophic seven one we remember the brazilian hands crying in the stadium so he has to protect himself and the best way that he can do it is to make sure that the referees know what's going on he's trying to help them out the only issue is here the history of the they've gone too far and its some point referees are going to say i'm not buying what you're selling 'cause i know that some of this fake i'm told that we have some video that we want people to sign.

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