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By becoming a two time heavyweight champion of the world. And do this to i'm ryan. You can and should going tier on your position to do this. Shit man laundry stays busy stay rating. Hit that embody man hit by the good. The biden come up. Thank you by just Becoming a champion again. Look all the things that nedal accomplished and now he's a he's a big beast you know. Moving up in ways is different from us. Heavyweights that we just stay at one sir way to come back and be a beef stew vision to give you want you to do it again. How many times you liked to defend your time a lot of times as much as i can is exactly. What do you have like a certain age when you when you would like to retire. Or is that just based on this crazy because before i even won the championship and all that I said that. I want to retire. When i'm thirty five years old and now have four more years to to give it all. I got to be super discipline for those four years to see where where it gets. Me so I think thirty five years old will be a perfect age in just spend time with family. I think when he thirty five thirty five is gonna be so nearly twenty nine professor. You're telling me. Mike i retire thirty four thirty four thirty four now. Just think where he will fight a couple of years. He has decided not to make he was getting gas. Kicks online move like how you say. Move ahead more is fighting. Good a stop. What i want that payday might i want. I need that payday. Man stopping beating people food. I get member wins enough enough. You know what i'm saying. It's never enough never enough baby coming out. It's never enough why're you you wanna fight. Yeah of course. But i like a boxing match as it should be calling all jake paul i did. I don't think he wants to smoke that. Jake paul oh you know fighter that he just different classes. Of course man. I'll fight them. I just think you know. I boxed amateur anonymously. i fought my whole life and russell and all that you know what i'm saying so anyhow but yeah go back to that. It's just different. You know the promoters in boxing and and in the usc ha the promotions are different. Like you guys have a couple of promoters we are able to negotiate get money unless you see fires were under an umbrella and they. The boss pays what he thinks he wants to pay now. I'm a two division. Unc chapel olympic champ. You know what i'm saying -ccomplish a lot of my life and the cuban me at the same paid you. When the when the guy that are making millions boggle aboard will be shit as a world champion. I agree with you. The majority of boxers don't make money might chevy the riding out all the expensive expensive. Take up so much. Shit you want older wonderfully all depends to who you sign within. Promoter is giving those vice. To and i'm a strong believer no promoters promotions Have locomotives thanks to god. I started my own promotion company. I signed yes. This spider His name is anthony. Got a neat guy. He's from oakland. He fought at the at my fight when i fall He's a southpaw. His a good fighter too. And i don't know if you guys seen carmelo's fire. There's five before him. He filed this asian guy his. Ms soto we. We signed him to toll mexican brother. They literally everybody. I hope to get him. You know i got a good to they freeze. I don't think so. I think different. This is a different breed. He he gets his show. Yeah check check this out mike. Ice bar that kid when he was eleven years. Old bonneville davis who was like a big chubby kid. Who's who's just were the same height as an eleven year. Old kid little fight hundred percent. I think he's his toughest throughout. Yeh what did they about. Kayla plan canelo. You think he'll plan has what it takes to to do. Good listen i'll know nothing like that. I want to see this guy busybodies talk. I saw a fight to pretty rung it. I think The guy's smart. I think you know me. Close smart well as fast lixion. He's he's super explosive. Super compact man is smart. He's in a stock. I think he'll stop all. I'll think he'll stop everybody except vitas. Even if he does be is like now i think within the is take. He's on with some show. These tough i will take another put that shit on Ellos counterpuncher. And i think he does good with the little people that are taller than ham. And then i realized he is really good. I think it's better than all the other guys that he's fought but he asked covers up. He stays like shield. I don't think you you don't like that position. I don't that's not good position. Finance those punches died those punching. Throw from there to those who run up. Those uppercuts left hooks super-slick super-slick as young is strong way. You struggle pull crazy we. I've i've been owning him since he was really young and we will train. Freddie roach is jim i like him to the fan to Said but that's all it is is for us to get the opportunity and for us to you know take it in and take advantage of it and i feel that's what he needed the opportunity in. I'm sure i'm sure He's gonna do good things. He's one of the chiloe brother before he finally allow electoral brothers. That one of them. Yeah the The show right charlie. Oh yeah yeah. I can tell us a crew to cello. Be your doug. Men are really good to multiple. Both of whom are blessed. Winds may fight a bit of a real tough one with one little guy. The chatter doll you know loosely. Dot says were what be you think cannella would agree with that. You think cannella would say this is my toughest match up. If if you know him now. I think i never say that. He's in a. he's in a bit everyone. I don't think or disconnect will think that's that's the toughest matches puzzle can never be moved in shit. You learn the old mr lee. Hamad ali thing like a butter. You know what i'm saying. But that's how the he moved. he slipped. he's not a typical mexican. Fight it yeah. He's out there to take punchy. American fight a tips phone. Yeah dan. there's there's not a better combination in that. He thinks he's pound for pound might. Yeah more so than crawford..

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