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Cocktails travel with stephanie abrams had the pleasure of speaking with john steinbach i pronouncing your name is john yes you are stephanie thank you so you have german or austrian ancestors you it's austrian see that i'm good grandmother cambridge vienna asserted mind well i'll be darned nineteen o six my my grandfather came from vienna when he was two or three years old and it was the early eighteen seventies and he served with teddy roosevelt only he wasn't in the same platoon that teddy was leading wherever you was calling the spanish american war i'll be darned yeah and for my grandmother died from the time my grandfather died for period of about almost thirty years she received the us spanishamerican spouses were veteran a pension i'll be darned yeah yeah it's very cool it is all my life he's the only one that ever recognize as being austrian how about that i am sharp at that but i'm just filled with useless trivia but if you play trivial pursuit you want me on your team i'm sure the same way so yeah probably the good team no kidding especially when to the geography questions yep apps major in college was it yes that's very cool where did you grow up john seattle and how did you make your way out of the rain of seattle to the sunshine of the lake tahoe region would i was in college i escort tours through alaska for thomas cook and son and they had a twenty one day tour from alaska or from seattle through alaskan back to seattle and i usually take three tours summer and i just got to love the travel business and hotel business when i was in college people say what you gotta do i'm going to go in the travel business and then those days i got to go on the army after college and you can save when you get out of the army what are you gonna do i'm going to go into travel business and the army and went to work for western international hotels and seattle at that time and for get transferred from seattle to detroit to washington dc actor seattle skagway alaska fairbanks alaska probably got my last few tours and anchorage axial san francisco oh jacksonville florida deerfield beach florida portland oregon and then i had.

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