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Hall Pat lobe K. Y. W. news radio it's very unusual but all of North Carolina from the mountains to the coast are in for several inches of snow what will be the biggest snowstorm in more than a year is taking aim at North Carolina with warnings and advisories posted in all one hundred counties governor Roy Cooper says major icing is not expected that is good news because that means that the roads will be easier to treat and clear and there shouldn't be any major issues with power outages more than a half a foot of snow could fall in eastern North Carolina including the Outer Banks as well as the Hampton Roads area of southeastern Virginia including Virginia beach and Norfolk Jim chrysalis CBS news Greensboro North Carolina we have a partly cloudy sky here at the radio dot com world headquarters in center city thirty four degrees but it feels like just twenty five problems north bound ninety five will catch up with the traffic center next it's seven thirty nine W. newsradio now with the power of the NBC ten first alert forecast team count on it this is Jay Farner CEO of quicken loans and we want to help your house feel more like a home with some of the lowest refinancing rates ever rates have dropped so much that many Americans can reduce their rate you may be able to save money on your monthly mortgage payment right now the rate today in our thirty year fixed rate mortgage is three point nine nine percent APR four point two three percent call us at eight hundred quicken or go to rocket mortgage dot com rates of change a two percent discount rate for conservation commission's equal housing lender lessons of it is it's an analyst over thirty thirty Deborah's home was stolen no I don't mean thieves stole stuff I mean scammers literally stole her home the FBI calls title fast one of the fastest growing white collar crimes in this story is why you need home title lock Dever says criminals found the title to our whole online and filed Friday with documents claiming they owed our home wait it gets worse never goes on to say I was a victim from my own homemade eighty five grand in equity gone nobody believes you can get your whole stolen this easily this is why you need home title lock because no insurance your bag protects your home from title fast first things first go to home.

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