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A small plane has landed on i four near four thirty four this is on the east bound side of i four but it is in the new construction zone it is not blocking the roadway per se but there are plenty of people slowing down to take a look at it as jackie mentioned and as kim montas with highway patrol told us it is not every day you see a plane land in the middle of the highway fortunately the gentleman flying the plane is safe obviously inexperienced pilot made a terrific landing from what they're telling us a terrific spot to make a safe landing on i four but were also being told that the plane ran out of gas so as a great of a pilot as he was he apparently did know the plane was low on fuel in in less maybe the fuel gauge was broken or something like that kevin refuse i see you laughing in there yeah i mean i know i've a you know obliterate the he's great pilot but he apparently did and you know we have enough gas based on everything we're learning he's obviously an experienced pilot and what could have been a horrific situation turning into a smooth safe landing on i four but you do yeah i mean you got to give him credit again take out any cars you know i i kids say sam a pilot myself but you know i force busy road it's a friday afternoon people are moving around the getting outta work early on my girlfriend actually just drove through the area so some good news there she says traffic is moving a little bit you know they've got this plane out of the way so good news on that front but uh yeah i think everyone is a bit flustered right now they're seeing that for the first time while and you mentioned you are not a pilot we do actually have a pilot in the building our own jeff davis one of the sales weasels he's a he's a pilot and perhaps jeff davis if you're listening to the radio station you can come in and talk to us a little boy and he did talked a little.

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