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Low forty seven eighty tomorrow rainy and sixty on Sunday morning rain in sixty five on Monday it's eighty degrees in Denver our top story president trump wants houses of worship to be able to open their doors to their congregations I call upon governors to allow our churches and places of worship to open right now the president says he is correcting a wrong and believes houses of worship are essential the governors need to do the right thing and allow these very important essential places of faith to open right now for this weekend if they don't do it I will override the governor's but many legal experts say the president doesn't have the ability to override decisions made by state governors yesterday congressman Scott Tipton ripped governor policy for not consulting state lawmakers about how to allocate one point six billion dollars in federal cares act money today on KOAA news radio Paulus fired back oh my god this politician tipped and you won't believe how hypocritical Polish says two weeks ago Tinton sent a letter asking for the money to be quickly distributed then the congressman got mad after the money was sent out Jack I wrote the law and of course we follow the law and he likes to complain either way just to be complaining that we like to complain governor Poloz also claiming that he and Tipton have talked on the phone about the issue of consulting state lawmakers never came up the search for the missing woman from chief accounting is continuing at a residential property on the east side of saliva forty nine year old Suzanne Moore if you lived with her husband on the west side of town and has not been seen since mother's day it was first reported she went out for a bike ride but now neighbors are telling media outlets that no one saw more few on a bike her family offering two hundred thousand dollars in reward on Wall Street the Dow down nine today S. and P. five hundred up seven nasdaq gained thirty nine aren't accepting of four thirty I'm Cathy Walker Kailey newsradio eight fifty AM in ninety four one about how dependable cleaners is taking care of me today in the new normal day of six drive throughs along the front range of the great I mean I roll right up to the cover drive way they know my car in in under a minute they've hung my clean and sanitary clothes and exchange them for my bag of soil dry cleaning family laundry all with no contact dependable cleaners also is free home pickup and delivery again with.

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