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Reason that i'm worried is because the gruden talk fest Verses the transactions of what. They're doing you know they put in a claim. Was it royce freeman. They tried to claim on waivers. Yes And then they brought in kerryon johnson for work at. They signed peyton barber. Like i think the carry-on just is the backup. They do have a history of this. Every offseason theoretic was was talking. Point on this show last year is just one of those things where when you combine it with like. Oh someone's missing practices and were working out running backs it. Just it makes the little. The spidey senses go. Is there more here. Ramachandra stevenson dislocated his thumb. Last week in practice might still be available for sunday by not Could be a an interesting spot star game for james wight in week one if insured it like if you were ask you this. Are you worried enough about race swift where you would start james white in that game over swift. No no okay. Maybe not then Chris godwin thursday night game limited with a quad injury There was a report about antonio brown missing practice but later came out that it was a maintenance day for his knee. I think both of these players will be fine ahead of the game. But i know that the line is jumping all over the place. Yes for thursday night. I mean you have zack. Martin news with dallas. You've got this news with godwin But it's going up for tampa is going up for tampa. Yes okay so. We do have thursday night preview on today's episode of the show. So we're gonna talk about this game in detail. Saw righteously those there unless you guys have anything to add. Not all right. Today's news notes brought to you by sleeper. A reminder get those breaking news alerts by downloading the sleeper app season starting soon so you should grab that You would seen latavius. Murray's cut news last night and you would have been the first and then run around the neighborhood announcing it off. Your waivers were open. You could grab tony jones immediately. That's true tony brooke stones was confirmed. There's tony brooks james. And there's a tony janis. They all i can. They're both running backs. Also i don't know if you guys realize this. There is now a tony brooks jones junior when that is him is name forever. What because declared oh darn l. anderson situated ellie anderson. I thought you'd wikipedia or something in israel mental name was brooks still could be. Maybe don't yeah. Everyone's brooks's confused over there. Everybody's confused now let's Let's get into those undrafted. Gyms storm are line. don't respect all right. These are players to keep an eye on to add to your watch list. Could be somebody that jay. Jason brought up such a good point yesterday. I love preseason training. Because you can do to for ones right now open up roster spot and then add one of these players if you go out there and you you take a couple of players with mysterious futures that you are. You're just not sure if they're gonna pan out like one of them to koby myers like maybe there's more value. Now for jacoby myers then. There will be during the season. I don't know people view certain players will fuller. You know there are certain players that there's a lens that you know. Five people on your league may hate the guy. Five people might think he's promising for the upcoming year you can go to for one. Pick up a better player and then go out one of these six players or another one of the undrafted gyms out there. Yeah i mean. I feel like we could you know. We're bringing up two guys each. But i feel like we could bring up six seven eight guys each you know. There are so many players out there bryan edwards. not someone. we're talking about today. Who is available in a lot of trump wants semantics trick. Wants these guys. It's like you're gonna find out week. One what their involvement is and they either hit and great. You've got someone or you cut them and have fun with week. One waivers and so my first pick here. Donald parnham junior junior. I always thrown in there Brooks james is. The donald brooks are him june. He's six eight to fifty six. The tight end for the los angeles chargers. He's being completely ignored in each and every draft six eight to fifty six twenty four years old ninety nine th percentile dominator rating in college. He is an athlete and he's stepping into a role. That was very valuable last year. Jared cook got the offseason buzz but parham looks like the value to me. He he stepping into a spot where hunter henry went. Sixty four six thirteen and four last year. You evan. ascending quarterback and improved offensive line. There's going to be touchdown opportunity for him. I think he's scored three times last year. Just on very limited amounts of targets. So i think parham is one of the perfect add-ons like if you're looking at adding him or kind of an old busted tied-in flyer you get potentially higher payout with yeah parham junior in all all kinds of piggyback on this for the chargers and i liked the parham pick because who is who is the number two target. I'm not counting austin But it's key now is locked in mike. Williams is like the the target percentages. Just it wasn't there with with justin herbert. He's he's an excellent player but will he really ascend to be the number two guy world where hunter henry was seeing. You know like a fifteen percent target share So parham is in play and also his teammate. Josh palmer The third round rookie that the chargers just picked up. We had austin equa on this show mention his name when when we said. Hey who's who could be someone. Excuse me surprising on this third rounder. Yeah yeah that could be interesting. That people aren't talking about and he brought up josh palmer note palmer's is he. It's very difficult because for fantasy football. You know you want to see a good production profile. I wanna see a wide receiver in college. Really do something because the correlation of that turning into of a superstar at the nfl level. There is a there is a high correlation there and these guys that really don't have a profile of any production just palmer was basically a five hundred yard per game or per season player..

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