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Swarming the Mayfair Mall and Wauwatosa, Wisconsin after reports of gunshots and an active shooter, witnesses describing the horror inside way drop to the ground and ran in the opposite direction and found this stairwell. Your bike and went down to the basement of the store, Macy's and hid there. At least eight people wounded, many wheel down on stretchers. And that happened yesterday. Police are still searching. As I said for the suspected shooter. He has been described as a white man in his twenties or thirties. They say that shooting whispered on by an alleged fight. A man charged in a deadly hit and run crash in Brockton is arraigned in court. 33 year old Michael Blanche accused not only hitting and killing pedestrian 72 year old Marie rose the enemy but also trying to cover up evidence. Police say that the enemy was crossing pleasant. When she was hit. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital. They were able to identify the car from surveillance video and located it parked behind an abandoned home. The window of that car was caved in, and there was a tarp over the car in an apparent attempt to hide it. Blanche was arrested on Thursday He faces several charges, including leaving the scene of the crash and causing death planning on heading over the border. Maybe two New Hampshire on your way up to Maine. You might want to think again will explain coming up first. Will explain the conditions on the road Early this morning. The super retailers of New England all will drive traffic on the threes. Good morning. Happy Saturday. Rob Accola had a good morning. Sherry. Here we are Saturday early and for the most part that no major incidents working. We do have some more work crews wrapping up on room one on the South downside, ramping up for the overnight they've been working in the stretch. Around the Chelsea curves, and we had a detour that should be wrapping up Now you were detoured off it Carter Street in Chelsea and then back on at the everyday have on ramp, not seeing any big delays on the lower deck of 93, or the sake of the lever connector looks good. No problems along the river roads. We're in the airport tunnels south of town. The expressway looks good to 10 minutes and then Ruth three is clear along the South Shore. No delays 24 95 heading down to Rhode Island on Western town, a good ride on the pike to 90 East Watch for ongoing work. Your main street in fruits free north of town, 3, 93 and 95 or OK up to the New Hampshire line and not see any delays on the upper end of 1 28 heading up into Lynnfield and Peabody. Bob Backlund, WB disease traffic on the three and now the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast. We're going to see Sun today, mixing with some clouds. It'll be mild but pleasant temperatures for late November high.

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