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Comedian Scott Caparo so seven thirty every chance to win those tickets. Do you think that we can get him to do a stand up at the Halloween show in his underwear? Oh, that's a great, and we'll all get squirt guns. Yeah. We'll all get scored gotta be gone. Wouldn't it make it a a wet underwear contest medically wins? Because he's the older. That we need to wet them. But it'd be fun and he'd love it wouldn't he why don't you ask them? All right. I'll do that. Once you suggest that. Yeah. Yeah. We'll see him before the secret show. He's going to be on some point next. So guys yesterday the juiciest rumors was swirling around. And it's about Pete Davidson and Ariana GRANDE Dame. It's pretty awful if it was true which. Oh, so you don't have confirmation. We looked everywhere. Okay. We've been searching everywhere. And all we're finding is denials that this is the case. But I have to say when I heard the rumor that someone clearly made up someone decided this is what he did soon as I heard it. I went. Oh, yeah. That's what happened. Like, I I just believe it was something insecure guy would do sure that something a guy who's trying to literally it's its territorial pissing is what it is. I'm planting my flag here, dude. Just so, you know, here's what I'm doing with her and you're not doing it anymore. So he texted the pictures to this MAC Miller kid who's already busted up because his I'm look, I don't know the guys deal. I don't know him at all. I know if you're a puke if you're a drunk or drug addict more than likely your person, that's left you the gave you more than enough tries to get your act together. So I'm sure he was already bummed, right? Watching this new love bloom right before his very eyes. And now. Sending pictures of them doing. It is is that too much to. Like, I I hope it's not true for a bunch of reasons because the guy wound up OD ING, right? But the idea that this would have happened that Pete Davidson is that guy say the whole rumor so the rumor is that he was doing exactly what Vinnie said that he was torturing this ex boyfriend of hers. Davidson whose engaged Charon was engaged Arianna. Guerande was torturing MAC Miller by sending these pictures of him of her naked apparently is with the story went, you know, intimate photographs of the two of them and saying you you don't have this. There's no chance of ever getting this back. This is mine. Now, this is she's an object. That's what I mean. It's that territory. It's disgusting. It is disgusting. And the rumor was that after his death, his family got access to his phone and found these pictures and told Arianna may obviously know her that she was with MAC Miller for something like two years, they grew to really love her. Well, she's a very lovable person, you know, and she was probably doing all the right things for this for this person who clearly had problems whether or not anything like this went down. This is a guy who she said. I tried. I did everything I could be with that person anymore. And then shortly after they break up he actually does overdose. Guys, no longer with us. I'm sure plenty of people around them told Arianna. You gotta go you can't fix this guy. And you need to stop trying even her family was probably even his family, probably like the. Yeah, it's you know, it's hopeless. But certainly if you see someone who keeps thinking they have. Oh, they might be able to be this person's way out. That's wrong. That's not that person's way out. She needs to find someone not broken. Thank. Well, would seem that she's sort of one of those people. That's a wounded animal fixer, I'll fix them. I'll change. Finally, once he's fixed, I'll leave him. And then I'll find another wounded animal. We only know the to. Maybe there have been some decent. Who is choices? Sean big, Sean. Oh that was her one of her. She had a boyfriend for a while. Well, I mean, obviously before MAC Miller. Oh, it's funny. She's actually been around for quite a while. I love her brother. He was great. He was great. I'm big brother. So anyway. Everything points to denial in this. But God what a juice that came down yesterday. I was like oh my God. Mike ward. We gotta talk about this. Anyway, looks like oh, I do have one other quick note about them. So she did. A wicked special as in wicked the musical about the life in times of the wicked witch these. Live TV thing for Halloween. You know, see, it's an upcoming NBC special dedicated the Broadway musical, so it's a special about the musical. It doesn't sound like it's the actual musical. Maybe just sort of like a celebration on Halloween. Doesn't say that. It's October twenty ninth out some Monday night. Up next week from she performed the wizard and I- Tuesday in New York City. This was the pretaped segment for this NBC special and she has a Pete tattoo on her ring finger, and you can see that she's put a band aid over it. And the special won't air for two more weeks. And I'm sure she's like by then I for sure don't want Pete to be written on it was on her on her left hand ring finger on the knuckle below the middle knuckle. And so the big ring is here in the picture. I'm looking at and then the wow heat. That's dumb. Yeah. Well. No, I don't I have cut. I would. I would there's tattoos. I'd get why wouldn't think twice about? But I wouldn't put a person's name their tattoos all over her body, but they are all over her hands. She's got baby doll written on the inside of a finger. She's got a heart. She's got a cloud. Wasn't the cloud. Also, something they got together. She got a little other female symbol or possibly a balloon with a basket under a. She also man, she's a nails girl. Yeah. Like, the one picture and the second one picture I'm looking at she's got Chanel Nells like there are white with the Chanel logo and some black lines on his shot. And then the side by side, you can see that she's got the keep tattoo covered up. So I don't know if she's getting that remain. Twenty four tattoos. I'll twenty four. Well, I'm looking at six of them are. Yeah. Couple of behind on her neck or behind your ear. Feet. Oh boy. She's really. Well, they are addicting. These little things though, I are easily line drawing. Yeah. They're barely anything. So it'll be deal. I'm not into the Chanel nails. Are you know? And they look like you couldn't touch any. I mean, she's not doing a lot of labor any manual labor. I mean, I can I was even thinking how she even working out with those seems to be put your hands around a barbell, they'd stab palm your hand. They're sharp. Out. I don't know. She's so skinny and in good shape, right? Coffee and cigarette when you're thirty. Yeah. That's it. Anyway, there's everything we don't even know about Pietton Arianna. And I guess he's there was a report this morning and he's at his mom's. Oh, you know, what I actually have a very sad picture of him. Yeah. It's super sad. It is kinda sad. It's like, oh, I think the pictures actually on. Well, here it is. So they say here. Tnc TMZ is the best Peterson looks like a man down on his luck. And you can't blame him. He is down on his luck. Look look at this picture, and this is him showing up at his mom's house because that went back to live with mine. He's all hunched over he's good his hood pulled up over his head. And it's sad. That's the first time, by the way, he's been he actually cancelled a gig on Wednesday night. Oh, did he. Yeah. He was supposed to college or something to show it a college. He's like, I'm. Some other dude stuff in this doesn't send him over the edge yourself share. Well, it'll be really interesting to see what they do within on SNL if anything because it's been a theme this season. You know, what did you do this summer? Oh, I got engaged. Day. It could be the best bit. They've done if he's open to it. Right. She does seem to be a due to just wears everything honest leave so may being. Let's see here boxing. I didn't think anybody cared about it really all that much anymore. Boxing. Mostly is gone. Well, the biggest deal in the history of sports just got signed. And it's some boxer dude. Canelo. Alvarez Alvarez Alvarez. I've never even heard of this guy. It's a five year eleven fight contract with some streaming platform. Plop AFA performed called D C N dasm. It's worth three hundred sixty five million dollars. Does own does own. I think so. Okay. D- AZN three hundred sixty five million bucks. Over five years. The previous record holder was Giancarlo Stanton of the Yankees in two thousand fourteen when he was still a Miami Marlins. He signed a thirteen thirteen year deal worth three hundred twenty five million. This is. Way bigger Janke now. That's where we signed with Canelo. The boxer says I'm humbled to be selected to lead. This new vision for the sport of boxing, which will without a doubt be for the benefit of the fans. He is fifty wins one loss to draws and the loss was Floyd Floyd Mayweather in two thousand thirteen in saying he wants a rematch. So maybe that'll be one of the Dow would be big eleven fights. Floyd was saying, and I may get to this later who loves fights and fighting and fighting used to be really big I watched it a lot and all the middleweight Sugar Ray, Leonard, and and Hagler Hearns and all those guys Ron I don't even think that was pay per view yet. It used to be on wide world of sports. I for sure used to my dad would have the fight on the fight was a pay per view, a pretty new thing. I guess with the advent of Tyson fights, I remember, very they were for sure pay per view. So you would get like that cable channel would be available to you at that. And you would get it with friends and gather and the thing became he. He ends his fights too fast. Like, we have all this food and the fights over. Yeah. I mean, it's fine. We're going to get loaded and eat and stuff. But right. The fight on the undercard was like who care. Yeah. No. Even watching that. So. The other thing about Floyd Mayweather, which I see that whom has had a bathroom emergency or something. I'm not sure why he's not doing some sound. Oh is he well, maybe he's working on Floyd Mayweather thing right now. Because that guy was talking about rematch with Connor. I think he's saying that's after this guy gets his gets a Connor gets his rematch with the amoeba guy was hard to understand from the way. It was written. They just use the pronoun he in a lot of things. So it wasn't like he was like is. It Floyd Mayweather who is going to fight this Habib guy who's last name is not in front of me that I cannot possibly pull that out moved them in above, sir. Thank you. Or if it was Conor McGregor who needed to fight with him to rematch with him before he could fight Floyd. Again. I'm not sure really let me see if I have a short. I just have a second here. The connors. Yes. How to do it did? Okay. It averaged ten point six million viewers that might climb a bit..

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