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When i first got save just like you just spinning hours in the word in in getting the opportunity to speak and teach but it it was funny if if i'd be honest when i was in my early twenties i felt like i was somewhat religious and in arrogant at a young age in it's funny how life will hand you god will just take you to the to the shack in an army dude you'll get a weapon and i mean i've and i'm telling you i've had some and all of a sudden those scriptures take on a whole new meaning in that judgmental spirit in that looking at people in a different way man you get a couple of those woods shack moments and all of a sudden that humbleness is just it's such a precious in a in a literally mean that it's such a precious place to be because when you can go through those things you're empathy for people grows so much and you're able to relate with people on that level in a when you share those scriptures it's not coming any more for place of being judgmental but a place of man can i just help you get out of this because i know how dark in deep it can be for somebody early when it was 25 down the bible college i i doing everything i i like yeah there's what was wrong that surge it is the older you start having kids are going through relational stuff in in church stuff than men but you said of those those so is the most painful experiences sometimes they can they can id the guide use the instill humility in you but you just you have to come to that place where you know you're you're a broken centre on this journey in sore others and you're trying to trying to figure this out together yeah i love that men helping each other pressing you talked a.

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