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Jurassic world dominion reunites. Laura dern jeff goldblum and sam neill in the some new cinema con footage universal pictures unlocked cage. On the first new footage from jurassic world dominion on wednesday night in las vegas presenting it in mikan the annual convention and movie theater owners. The studio offered up it behind the scenes. Look at the Returning cast of the original jurassic park. Laura dern as dr elliott sadler Sam neill alan grant and jeff. Goldblum is ian malcolm It was previously reported that the iconic trio would join Would join franchise stars. Chris pratt and bryce dallas howard in the third installment of call intra varos Run of the films While understanding well under. But i'm sorry undeniably tra- varas baby. The footage kicked off with an unseen. Home movie real starring. The world's the world's the world's creator and original. I'm sorry. I thought you said creature creator and original director steven spielberg. He is talent. I'm thinking to myself. Why is steven nobrega creature now. Technically the grainy clip should spielberg In safari gear on the set of the nineteen ninety-three film Explaining a film prop to a child actor. The problem of course was the cane. Used by a richard attenborough topped with a globe of amber housing a petrified mosquito inside and the cain was the first building block in engineering dinosaurs for the fictional park. That's cool so they said that was cool. They showed that kind of grainy. Home movie footage for that At an inner will interwoven with behind the scenes and a trailer. I think or or what they would probably not trailer behind the scenes

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