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No shade on jimmy graham i'm glad we got jimmy i just wish we could have kept jordy nelson i think that's what the frustration that aaron was his playing on oh so point number one from this side of the table is i am shocked that this franchise and that quarterback did not figure out some way to keep jordy nelson because to me just me from a distance and i'm not a packer fan but jordy nelson to me was as big a part of green bay's longterm success and its mystique under aaron rodgers as aaron was it was there was something about aaron rodgers jordy nelson of great report it was a big deal when i'm rooting against them i am scared of jordy nelson because i feel like he's going to figure a way to get behind my guys so this is a very hypocritical reaction social media wise from air rogers because there are a lot of mixed emotions and messages coming from erin and i've told you before i feel like this quarterback gets more passes from the media than he throws and i'm not going to give him a pass for this today because in the end why why don't you put your money where your mouth is because he did one of the the ninth of the eleven hashtags is hashtag still can't play ball jordy nelson can still play that's what he believes and apparently the oakland raiders really believe it because they have jumped all over georgia nelson he is now visiting the oakland raiders day in the reports are they are willing to part with michael crabtree and replace crabtree with jordy nelson jordy nelson reportedly has also targeted the patriots who are now without danny amendola so will that be a connection i don't know and then there are four or five other teams that are going to jump all over this because i believe at age.

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