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Really fortunate that they able to get Machado to strike out. It looked like he was gonna walk him gonna lead to a lot more trouble. He seems to have settled in now. Here at this point in Michigan. It's strike one. We shed ten starts for Atlanta since coming over at the trade led by and at the end of July from the Orioles, they're all sorts of extra Oriels in this series of we'd commented on all three games on both sides, obviously Machado being the headliner. Breaking ball admits it's one and one Kevin for his career forty four fifty four lifetime record four point one two. We are a this year combine ten eleven three point nine two. We are able to truly a work work pitched over one hundred eighty innings. Combined with the two squads. Foul back for himself. And so now gospel looking for a one two three and the crowd novel. I'm their feet. They've seen a few one two three innings for the years here in Atlanta, not necessarily in this part. The one on the way up high. That's closest that he's come to commanding that fastball. Kurt Suzuki looked like Yogi Berra back in the day when catchers didn't squat. They just they stood up. He wanted that fastball. Elevated got it there. Let's see it goes down below the zone now for the out. Fouls it off a we'd like to congratulate the Milwaukee Brewers just last Monday they were winning their division in their own game. Number one, sixty three and three games later. They're already they're just going to wait for a while. And they're on their way council grew sweeping the Colorado Rockies. That's no easy task grant to them gougers through the same with the phrase trail, five two. Ooh. And is taking that for all three balls two strikes to apps. No one on five to Braves lead here in the top of the fourth kunia grand slam in the second inning. The dodgers put two on the board and the top of the third where we are. They pitch. Did he go around? Yes. He did. One Phil branding for Kevin gospel heading to the bottom of the foreign land, five.

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