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You know this entire law that protects people with preexisting conditions and so. You know if if you wanted to be an incredibly cynical your trump and say, you know find some a conservative. He nevertheless has said that this law is actually constitutional. Is there I mean you would know the answer this question maybe there's more rhetorical but is there a single Republican? Justice, her conservative justice in the country who did not say that the the affordable care act was. You know the the end of Western civilization. They I can't think of one and again it's. because. Here's the here's a court fight. I think. If the election is about healthcare that trump loses because. You. Know that's that I've been thinking about that because twenty eighteen. You know you would hear some people saying like I. Don't know I just remember like you know some basically left-wing trolls. Who would come on and say like do people can't make this election about trump and I'm like everything I've been hearing from people who are reporting is that every single candidate out there? Maybe that's a slight exaggeration but maybe not was talking about health care because this was on the heels or in the wake I should say of the Republicans trying to roll back the affordable care act you know this is the John McCain thing and they were all talking about healthcare. Is that happening again, this time and I. Absolutely. I. The election doesn't take place on twitter it Roy where the election really takes place but anyway local TV ads and if you talked to anyone swing state right now, all all but most of the ads coming from Democrats are about Healthcare Moose. Of the ADS from Republicans really aren't health care about allow the that are lying about records like. Cory Gardner in Colorado is basically saying I'm going to fight protect preexisting conditions used entire career to oppose like obamacare. And so If the election comes, it becomes about really confirming Supreme Court justice who wants to undo this then it's bad news for them and then you know. Hopefully. This can carry really everywhere because. We have candidates ring in all these states where you Medicaid expansion big deal I mean this and again, it really shows you the stakes here if they do manage to confirm ultra conservative, Supreme, court justice than it. Really you know the whole conservative project will making impossible for Congress to pass laws that improve people's lives. Fight then goes to the states. So if you want things like clean air and clean water and affordable healthcare and good jobs in investing in children, then you're gonNA have to Congress will have their hands tied and it's going to be of state-by-state fight. You know there is there was a great example. Today Friday again, but this still resonates through Monday of the EPA basically saying that. They are no longer going to. They're going to stop knowing Ford with the ban. Of A pesticide. Chloro- high higher real focus which is found to not only make. Farmworker sick but also a neuro toxin to children. Now. Most Most most human being I don't want to say that most people who really you know have any sense of apathy empathy or compassion for other human beings. Any respect for other human beings would say, hey, something that creates no is a poisoned children's brains literally that's the bad thing. We should not actually promulgate its use. That is not what the trump administration has done or the EPA, but what was interesting about this? So they rolled it back. It's going to it's It's now legal for you to use this. At the end of the peace several states including. California. New New. York. In Hawaii is a big big agricultural states. California is people surprised New York very big agricultural state. have already enacted bands of varying strictness against this thing and so not. The world's largest manufacturer of chloro- pyro foes said it's GonNa stop producing the chemical by the end of this year. So in other words like the ability to to capture the legislatures of states. Can actually implicate national policy in a big big way international policy. In this instance, we see it with California like the cafe standards trump, roll them back and California's like we're not doing that, and then the car makers are like California's our big market it's not worth it for us to create polluting cars I as nonpolluting cars we'll just do the. You know less polluting cars I should say in this instance, these states because they're controlled by Democrats have basically implicated. In a de facto way the policy of at least the biggest manufacturer this stuff, and then it becomes out of reaching you saved little kids brains essentially. Yeah exactly. That's exactly what we're talking about here. I mean one of our states for twenty twenty s michigan. Obviously, anyone who followed the news in Michigan knows that clean water there is a huge issue and you have this right wing. Controlled by narrow special interests, it's just refuse to do anything about it. And so if you can, you imagine if Democrats can flip Michigan House, the cycle which thoroughly three seats short of. then. All of a sudden There's GonNa be less lead people's drinking water and if you WANNA talk about. This election where you Democracies really on the ballot but the forces of authoritarianism aren't going to go away losing one election. You have to keep beating them for a long time until they become a relevant and so we'll howdy, you win election after twenty twenty. Assuming we do dwell twenty, twenty. It's you have to improve people's lives and doing stuff like this making so that they have clean water making so that their children aren't being poisoned, making sure that Medicaid is expanded and that you know people don't have to pay more than twenty five dollars or whatever for insulin. These are the types of things that will help you keep winning, and so that's what we're trying to do and that. So you know again, if you support like state legislative candidates, they're really close to the ground for the people on these issues and you're able to affect people's lives a lot more directly with that, and so that's really why we do what we do. Also big redistricting issue too right I. Mean we have the census coming out. And if you control the State House you control redistricting right. So a couple of things I want to reiterate these major takeaways one seminole county and I hope we're going to have you on our election coverage on that day. I might be in a catatonic state but I'll see what I can do. Well, you should also know it's the tenth anniversary of this show just coincidentally falls on election day this year so. You're joining I'll I'll wear my. CFO. Seminole County Florida is the one that you watch. CNN mccomb county doesn't everybody like County is in Michigan I that's actually no longer a bellwether. In Michigan check..

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