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Love the mother of dragons. Yeah i have a feeling. She's going to become a bad ass motherfucker. Oh that's yes you're right on then i was. Just scroll i kind of accidentally made at the stake and scrolled through this like the top favorite characters in like read a little bit. So i'm like. Oh i'm actually gonna not like aria starks. Little brother like oh right. Oops i'm actually going to like Sansa even though. I can't stand her and episode for and like sursee. She's gonna be a good guy even though i don't actually like her right now but a- again a laker later not supposed to like right now. Yeah see cut yet. She becomes call. See that is the to me the frustration of when you don't either have the time or decide not to get into something that's popular in a moment. But then because of the way it works you ingested any. I already know who the killer is or whatever yeah completely have you gotten to the part where ned stark's wife. I can't remember her first name. Mrs stark hose to visit her sister. Now love ned. In mrs stark a lot especially strike that a mistake the king. He's fucking hilarious. Yeah is i could tell vada. That's everyone gets to everyone. Yes and everyone gets fucked over in that show and in light of so so don't get too attached to anyone yet in both okay. I mean it's like. I think it's affecting rom com or everyone like ends up together. I know it's like everyone turns on. It's like the medieval times. Oh of people told us that it's based on the actual story war of the roses from way way back when so you weren't wrong in thinking like you know this is based on an actual. It's historically based it is. Yeah it's it's real. They did like real royal stuff right and real wars but.

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