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I'm taking the arrival of yet another layer of barriers. Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham says better police preparation could have diminished the need for barricades, perhaps quelling the capital mayhem. How could they fail so miserably? Where 20 years after 9 11? Right? Yesterday that could've blown the building up. Former Senate sergeant at arms Frank Larkin blames the pandemonium on one thing, it comes down to a failure. Intelligence, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says how Sergeant at arms, Paul Irving is resigning. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell requested and received the resignation of Senate Sergeant in arms, Michael Stinger. Thousands of National Guard troops will be mobilized in D. C by this weekend in an effort to keep the peace. The latest coronavirus numbers from the county show. Another large spike in deaths and new infections. 47 more San Diegans have died, bringing the death toll to 1738. There were 38 50 3850 new infections out of more than 33,000 tests. That's a positivity rate of 11%. Southern California's ICU capacity. Is it 0% here in San Diego County? There are about 40 staffed ICU beds available. Theo US recording the most daily death from the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic with 4000. Oh, go on New Year's time. 902, Pennsylvania Republicans hold the majority in that state legislature on Tuesday they prevented Democrat State Senator Jim Brewster from being seated for the new term. The issue was mail in ballots. Mr. Brewster, the Democrat, defeated his Republican opponent by just 67 votes, but 311 mail in ballots were counted, even though they were not David. That's a violation of the state's election law. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court run by Liberal Democrats ignored the law surprise, They said these ballots could be counted so Republicans took the case to federal court, where it is still pending. Meanwhile, Democrat Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman tried to seek Mr Brewer Republicans and what the media calls an unusual move said No way they voted to remove the lieutenant governor as the presiding officer. The proceedings. And then refused to seat Mr Brewster until further review. Now, of course, the Democrats went ballistic. Pennsylvania's Democrat, Hack governor, Tom Wolfe, accused Republicans of subverting the democratic process. Democrats is all of, you know by now believe they're entitled to bend the law or to break it or to stomp on it or ignore it whenever their powers at stake and anybody gets in their way. Subversive. Thankfully, it seems Pennsylvania Republicans have had enough and they actually want their election laws. Father that's a novel concept will keep track here. The Rush Limbaugh show is Next on news radio 600.

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