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Tied for the most in the NFL. So Mina, what do you expect this Broncos offense to look like with Russ under center with all of those different faces from the coordinator position and head coach position that I mentioned as well? I expect it to look like how it looked like in Seattle. I know that's not exciting to a lot of people who want to see a different Russell Wilson, but at this point in his career, I think we know what to expect from him because in Seattle, he did go through different offensive coordinators and had different offensive lines and had pretty good skill players and running back very good. I would argue over the years. You're going to see a beautiful default. Arguably one of the best in the NFL. Quarterback can make great decisions, these accurate at all three levels. You're also going to also going to see a quarterback who doesn't really use the middle of the field and will take a lot of sex, even with a better offensive line. Russ is who Russ is. And that's a top quarterback in the NFL. I want to be clear. I just don't expect any dramatic change. Yeah, I look at this situation in Russia be able to square up against any team in the NFL because he supported shout out to our brother rad Clark independent. Listen, man, this is this is all this is in some of the same vein of Russ's early success, a really good run game and a really good defense and everybody knows that it was Marshawn Lynch and the legion of boom and we talked about this process leading up to Russell Wilson signing with the Broncos. They have everything they need to be legitimate contenders outside of the quarterback spot. Javonte Williams is a button star. He's going to be really good and a big help to Russell Wilson and not to mention I don't think he gets enough credit for his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield in his yards out the contact and devonte Williams. The running back is phenomenal. And then you go to the other side of the ball to be supported in that way as well. All season long. We talked about it at Mina's expense of how bad the Seattle defense was during the season. He's going to be supported by that as well. He's in a great situation, and he's the answer to what they needed in them. You know, Laura, when we started this conversation, you mentioned how it's a first time head coach, first time offensive coordinator and a first time defensive coordinator in Denver, and sometimes we do the single return to project how coaches are going to scheme things up or look when they're elevated to a new role for the first time. And you sit here think to yourself a swag who said, good running game in Denver, solid enough offensive line. It's very good defense. What did Nathaniel Hackett do at the height of his offensive coordinator career? Well, the answer is back in 2017, he helped the Jaguars to the AFC championship game with an excellent rushing attack. So part of your instincts are like, hey, maybe Nathaniel Hackett wants to follow some of the scripts that have worked in the past. They had a good running game in Green Bay last year as well, but then I sort of settle back in and I think to myself, they didn't trade for Russell Wilson with conjured draft capital plus a good player in Noah fan and Shelby Harris and drew lock is part of the deal as well to not go out there and air it out. So this team has the potential to win games with that running game and with that defense as well. But I keep coming back to the idea that in this division especially, the defense matters, but if you're not scoring 25, 27, 30 points a game, to me me and it feels like you're just gonna follow yourself or just fall right back down into the basement, which is where Deborah has been too frequently in recent years. Yeah, I think it would be a mistake for Hackett to play it too safe with Wilson, which is frankly a mistake we saw Seattle make at times over the years. But I do want to hit that defense because it really shouldn't be overlooked in this division. I know the Chargers made a lot of really sexy signings and there's a chance certainly that they're better than Denver. But when you look at the Broncos death chart, you see a lot of really solid role players at every level, not just the names, you know, like Justin Simmons, one of the best safeties in the NFL, patch their tan the second, who is well on his way to being one of the best corners, but signings like DJ Jones, excellent nose tackle out of San Francisco, Josie drew, one of the most underrated run stuffing linebackers in the NFL super solid tackler. And then even like a guy like K one Williams demand the slot, and these are just really good players at every level and they look to me like, if not the best, one of the most complete defenses in the league. No, it was interesting. I saw the Broncos week 18 last year and just even in that game talking to Justin Simmons leading into the game talking about the pride they have in that defense. They knew they weren't playing as well as they thought they could, but they also knew they were capable of a lot more and also felt like they were just a quarterback away. And we're just getting started on NFL live. Yeah, yeah, well, that helps too. Coming up. The jabs are looking for a big year out of Trevor Lawrence, when we come back, Marcus will tell us what he expects to see out of the second year quarterback. What needs to happen there and later. Mina is digging into the numbers to rank her top 5 defenses in the NFL, find out who she has number one and why. 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There are still so many ways that women and girls are disadvantaged and not given the same opportunities. We aren't given everything that the guys have. We have to keep fighting. Throughout the month of June, ESPN presents 50 50 honoring 50 years of title 9 and the women moving the world forward. We're back on NFL live with Jags mandatory mini camp starting today, but Jacksonville did excuse all the vets for mini camp. Marcus spears thoughts on that. Oh wee, the player in me, the form of veterans says, I love Doug, Peterson, more than I thought I knew. And then the other part is I would like for them to be there as the guy that's gotta be like responsible in an all and more mature in my age now and say that even if they don't do anything there, it would be good to be around the young players, but I get it. I would like them to be around. I would like that leadership presence to be there during many camp. But the player in me says, Jack, I appreciate some more days that I don't have to be at the facility. You're so mature now, Marcus, but when I saw this, I thought of you immediately and thought, oh wow, somewhere a swagger was smiling. Trevor Lawrence, by the way, looking to bounce back from a difficult rookie season. Lawrence threw 17 interceptions last season, that's tied for the most in the NFL. He ranked last in yards per attempt. However, Lawrence is supporting cast could be much improved this season. In addition to hiring a new head coach and Doug Peterson, who swag, who loves now, the Jack work spent over a $192 million in guaranteed money on free agents. That's the most in a single off season in NFL history. It makes you raise your eyebrows a little bit too. When you think about Travis ATN coming back as well from injury, could be a nice weapon there for Lawrence too. Mina, what will success look like for Lawrence this season? Because I think it's a bit.

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