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You police by nature our fraternity right. It's a brotherhood and and as I see it with these guys did a circle the wagons and they protected their own and they fought viciously to protect their their own. The reputation and I don't agree with that. I would like to think if I was in their shoes I would have realized that I was outgunned. And you didn't have the experience to dissolve this and the reach out for help in nineteen ninety seven with their case floundering older PD brought in legendary retired. Detective Lou Smit who with hundreds of successful homicide investigations under his belt was seen as is the man to finally cracked the case. A year later he was forced to resign again. After presenting to the Department is absolute conviction that an intruder intruder was responsible for jonbenet's murder undeterred. He continued to work the case on his own steam until his death nine years ago. Did you ever get to meet loose-knit I did a couple times. The first time I met loose-knit they brought me in or asked to talk it to me about what you said. What do you know about stun-guns? I don't know anything about stun guns. You know and I to be frank at the time time. I was pretty distrustful and editor towards the police account lump Lou into that collective but yeah over time it learning of his reputation and it just seems work. You know that a man of integrity would just follow the truth. I mean that's hard to do in that environment where there's a lot out of public pressure. Everything was being leaked to the media. The world over day. Kinda stand on your principles. Hard to ease to tell me I'm GonNa get this going. You want to get him and he'd gotten a lot of criminals in his career. It's his reputation was founded on salt or hundred coal cases smets and detective. Smith did not work alone. Who was Ali Gray? All Gray was a retired tired homicide detective from California or also judge number years quite a career in law enforcement was retired in Colorado Springs and got interested in this case Early on and did quite a bit of work on the elude worked pretty closely together. We both lived in Colorado Springs all knew a lot about the case. Say Both Allure Long Time homicide detectives and and have lots of experience got a real life. Colombo's basically how did you first get involved with Janus. We became aware IRV Jameson. She was reported to have a very detailed timeline of information online about on our case and it was very accurate berry non biased. One way or the other wasn't trying to convince people were guilty or innocent. It was just the facts. She had a good reputation for website of being very accurate in this data less started fairly early on on and she has maintained it over the years. She very careful about making sure. It was accurate in correct. She put it on her site at that point wait. I was pretty well known as being a supporter of the intruder theory. I had made some enemies. The ramseys were aware of my existence. Assistance I became worried that somebody might pretend to be me to gain their trust and I thought I had to stop snap that so I met with them and when I came out here to again I came out here several times. Then and each time I would meet with those Smith. Just a wonderful guy and he introduced me to Ollie Gray and he introduced me do several other people they were working on the case. After Lewis Smith's death he left his case files to his daughter Cindy Mara as well as his master spreadsheet detailing every suspect for the murder of Jon Benet he developed this database of people have interest. In our case I'd come in his tips and each each name had a columnist. What had been done if anything on this tip was followed up on his DNA take three perch taken in intellect coughing very extensive database very thorough? And when he died he left that as legacy and and Cindy Mara his daughter is taken up that database and move forward on doing what Lou would have done had lived. So yeah. Yeah it's it's really a gift he left because you know as a family here we have. We have nothing else you know. The police haven't shared any really not any information with us. So the work that we did is what we've got it. Is this spreadsheet and a final shortlist list of ten suspects that is now forming the basis of our new investigation. Douglas Genie Jason and their team along with John and John John Andrew Ramsay are determined to finally finish with Detective Smith started and they formed his team if kept very low profile but they are basically taking lose extensive database of information on this case and methodically going through each dame each lead and either eliminated eminating or resilient and they're eliminating it based on Giddy. Dna We have foreign mail. DNA always voice have had in this case in lieu fell was going to be solved by fighting DNA mash. So they're going through and get Indian each of these people I I either take him off. The list is debated match. Or there's some connection than pursuing it for. They're going from the top down but they do you believe that the name of the killers.

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