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And that's quite an accomplishment that you've done with the two belts and taken down that grand prix that was equal light heavy amount of light heavyweights heavyweights. You know, young guns old veterans, whatever. And I mean, another thing is you did it so easily. You know, gone any better, especially with it being Saito or in the finals just made the magnitude of the fight in the grand prix that much sweeter. You know, shell sending you know to to fibers in there fighting for the heavyweight title when it's been sweet. But to go in there to start it off in the way with chemo know, quick knockout there, and then to cap it off, you know, and, you know, with knockout over one of the greatest city, which will time in agreeing presell, turn it, you know, and the two business. Yeah. So Cheaply cheaply. special night. And and, you know, I'm grateful that you know, built or offered me to come up in the a part of this. And the they put that on the news. It was fine. It wasn't. To took all the BS out of the title shot. You know, jockeying here having talked share and do all this. You know span wins news on and and until I one guy left. Why think your best hand right now is at heavyweight just because it seems like they have a clear cut number one contender fight with the tally Minakov in Chicago that and I would think the heavyweights if you negotiated the heavyweight probably pays better. But I don't know. But you know, if you go to auctions or to, but you gotta co wait. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that's where we're gonna get with them. And we'll get it done Email. But that's the thing. You know? I haven't defended the light heavyweight belt, you know, in and there's a couple of guys don't think tech and tender, you know, so we'll see them sees defended. Go first because like you said is all clear tech contenders. Minute. Call comes back and he's fighting. They're so not fun. But there's also big fights. Elsewhere two to five doesn't have to be if one of those super fights like Makita or something like that. So tennis thought about yet this moment, but we'll get with them soon..

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