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I don't know how Porto can stop what they've got going for. We'll Romo have struggled a little bit domestically. What are they six right now in Italy? Yeah, syria. So I don't know how that manifest itself in this competition but Porto right now holding a narrow lead in the Portuguese league. I don't know it's hard to measure those leaks against one another I exit Real Madrid. I guess I actually really going to be put to the test of my theory that they were a dark horse team in this competition. They are youthful side. They side with his a trouble they give Munich in the in the group stages. I like the way they played this might be a bridge too far for them. But you consider how far they've come since the Europa league final of two thousand sixteen where we thought it was a complete mismatch even with a Man United team that wasn't vintage. They've come a long way. I don't know Andrew. If the bookies will give me decent odds that might be a little to have a floater on can you? Remember the last time row Madrid lost in the knockout stage of this competition. I cannot semifinals two thousand fifteen against dentists who then went on to lose to Barcelona in the file and last but not least Liverpool and Byron Munich. Well, you want big European nights? JJ you got them both of which will be played at Anfield by UEFA rule for your Klopp. I suppose it's something of reunion. He faced by twenty nine times wall and Germany with minds and Dortmund he won just nine of those. Yes. And I think the European called plano of two thousand twelve with stick long in the memory firm to our twenty thirteen here is one potentially massive key to this Virgil Van Dyke will be suspended for the first leg. Yeah. We know about the injuries Liverpool have right now at that position with Joe Gomez with Joel mata-, you'd better hope that at least one or both of those guys are not only back, but like back and in full form. Because men that is a really really scary position to be thin at when you're facing a team like Byron without your best defender in Van Dyke. It is and. I'm hoping that you'll Gomez broken leg is. Here's the thing. Even if he is inside the window of recovery. He's not going to be match fit. We don't know. What state? He's going to be in. Yeah. It's will it be back there playing at centre half is going to be loving and lover and another. So I don't maybe about maybe Masterson the under twenty three player from Ireland with other times. Look, it's it's going to be the medical staff going to play huge role in this one. Honestly, I it could just goes to show you when you think you are fairly. Well, stocked at a position how quickly that can change that tackle on Mertens will a hope that's not something that comeback comes back to haunt Liverpool. Let's see very quick what to watch for here. I only have two matches in front of me care about Cup. Find the caribou noise. I can't deal with Pete. Right. Well, then wall, I look forward talk about the fact that we're going to have a north London Darby on Wednesday to forty five arsenal Tottenham at the emerets. Yeah. And it's an important one for arsenal. Because we've seen the first kind of sense of one rebuilt the about this team. And it's been all pretty positive now. A lot of people have picked holes in this long on beaten run that they've had saying, you know, some of the teams that played in Europe, weren't top-quality, etc. Etc. But be that as it may. There was a little bit of the are Sinali the old return to the vendor the last days of anger with the weekend. And they'll want to put that right and what better opportunity to do that then at home to their hated rival. And Also Wednesday to forty five Chelsea and born myth. Yeah. I I mean who will join Burton alvian in the semi final. They beat Middlesbrough. Yeah. So and Manchester City, maybe we can have a dream where we're born play Barton in the kind of wonder dog game. Those who once were the minerals, although partner to Seoul minimally their league one. Actually, I think born give Chelsea game in this one..

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