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Horrific moments where massive waves. Crashed against this cruise ship. Nearly a thousand passengers were rescued back in March after being stranded in the Norwegian sea for almost eighteen hours. Passengers shannon. Daniel flu welling, we're celebrating their fortieth anniversary. But instead have landed in the hospital. Now, this Connecticut couple is part of a multi-million dollar proposed class action lawsuit against Viking sky cruise ship. We felt that we were in a condition where where we both got influenza A within days of being confined before that Shannon claims complications from the flu caused extensive damage to her husband's health, he can't walk and he can't utilize arms or legs. And because he has the trachea also has to have a feeding tube the lawsuit alleges that passengers were subjected to hours of terror unsanitary conditions lack of ventilation and trauma as they feared for their lives. As a result of the cruise traveling through extremely severe winds were essentially asking for financial compensation for the terror that they put in the trauma that they always we were in a situation where we. Didn't know from moment to moment, whether we would make it now a spokesperson for Viking tells ABC news while we cannot comment on any legal action being brought at this time. We wanted to make aware that immediately following the Viking sky incident, biking's, chairman method vessel when it docked and promised all guests a thorough investigation and full reimbursements. ABC's? Amy, Roebuck reporting. There are reports. A woman had disconnected the smoke alarm they in Harlem public housing building that caught fire yesterday killing her and five others, the New York fire Commissioner, Dan, Niagara says fire crews were met with flames at the door of the apartment aggressively.

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