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Dot com Jeffrey FROM 24 7 NEWS, Texas voters have already cast over seven million ballots more than any other state in the country for this election nine days before the election day Texans have already cast is many early votes as they did in 2016. And are nearly 80% of the way toward hitting the goal both early and on Election Day counted four years ago. But what it all means for Texas is far from clear because voters don't register by party in the state that makes it difficult to know which party or presidential candidate has an edge. Steve Coming W B A P. 24 7 News News. A says It's been six years since Republican Senator John Cornyn has had to defend his seat, and plenty has changed in Texas since 2014 corn and defeated his Democratic challenger by nearly 30 points in 20. 13 and tells news. 80 does not expect that same cushion in 2020 against Democrat M. J. Hagar. I think it would be a single digits. She's outspending me, too, the one with all those out of state money station Add. Some people have questioned whether Cornyn has tried to distance himself from President Trump after corn and told the Fort Worth Star Telegram editorial board. He sometimes privately opposes trumps decisions. I'm not trying to distance myself from the president. All I said to the editorial board is that when I have disagreements, I try to persuade him Privately rather than get into a public Twitter battle corn as he thinks that makes him more effective when he says sometimes the president changes his mind. News A says At least 10 people have been killed, seven others injured during a violent weekend across Dallas Fort Worth. They involved nine separate shootings. Police say three of those killed were shot inside Establish club early Sunday, the series of shootings began. Friday night. Wghp weathers, Rain and the Thunder Storm today with a high of 54 right now, 55 degrees at the F W from the W B A P News task. I'm Ken Jeffries. You're next. Update it to 02 24 7 coverage at WGBH dot com Recently I got.

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