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Guy for that. I think that you know or pick me because he knew that i was going to be war. All these other guys for some reason or not maybe earn. Maybe pay nor thanks. I'm going to be easy win for. Maybe that's why pick me. I don't know i'm just going off of what You know some insiders some people from that over that camper at side of the world got gotta bit felony and they have a lot of respect for me told me like my style away. Fight it in a way. I present myself and everyone who doesn't wanna turn into this or tune in to watch for some reasons they're angry ad or whatever that's that's stupid not to watch fight on. This isn't too if this is his last fight isn't going to be. This is going to be favorably in everything that he has into these rounds into these minutes or the seconds of this fight he knows it will be his last one. A bit is and it is going to be a war is not gonna be it is. I could get accidentally tapped on his jaw drop. Have you taken out structure for me. Wanna come out of this fight. And that's what i'm prepared for preparing for Fade or ten years ago enough. Eight or the last couple. is last fights. The fog along the negativity that his appeared since his announcement soon made this is a things. Change all the time. The news cycle frequently changes. Do you feel like the closer get to this fight. The more the fog will fade away and nobody will have a big problem with it yet. So i i think the main problem is like i said everyone had this fantasy. Land of like people are like. Oh they'll fight y'all brock listener like where the heck did not come from. I don't feel like fantasy. Both jin johnston who who the tim johnson. Well fuck me out. It's not.

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