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The monaco daily is brought to you in association with alliens the us republican party expresses ambivalence about people actually voting hong kong's pro democracy tabloid goes to the presses for the loss time hungary cranks up. Its homophobic dog whistling to erhan variety decibels i'm andrew. Mullah the monocle daily in association with allience starts now. Hello and welcome to the monocle daily coming to you from studio sierra. Midori house in london. Boundary mullah my guest isabel hilton and vincent mcilvanney will be discussing all the day's big stories and we'll have the latest installment of this week series looking at the european football championships today. It's italy as the zuri baffled viewers by not doing that traditional impression of drying paint. That's all coming up right here on the daily in association with allience monico twenty. Four right now. This is the monocle daily. And i'm andrew mullet my guests. Today are isabel hilton editor of china. Dialogue and vincent mcilvanney. Who's a journalist and irregular politics commentator. He on monocle twenty four Welcome both to the monocle. Daily is bill. You have been back since we started. I have in fact. I'm only just getting over the excitement of my first visit to the studio and it's loved be back again whereas vinnie. This is your first in person. Appearance on the new-look monocle daily I do understand that listeners. On our weekend programs have been hearing from you. But what have you been up to recently apart from that. Yeah that's right. Well i'm For it ending business presenting for reuters as well so it's Just starting to get back to normal with being able to go into studios like this. Well we will have more from you both shortly but first this in a maneuver which suggests that the us republican party is increasingly resigned to or perhaps outright. Enjoying the role of pantomime villain gop senators appear to have sunk president. Joe biden's much cherished ambition of implementing. Nationwide election rules. Broadly speaking the democratic proposals would have made voting easier at a time when many state republican parties are trying to make voting more difficult especially for people unlikely to vote for republicans. Suzanne lynch is the washington correspondent for the irish times. She joins me now. Suzanne first of all what is the republican. Party's rationale for sinking this. Well according to the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. He said this bill was Effort by democrats to as he puts it rigged the rules of american elections permanently in the democrats favor so he believes that democrats are introducing these new rules making it easier for people to host to benefit themselves when it comes to the battle because research has shown it's not conclusive these measures that people want to introduce like early voting greater access to drop boxes that january at this tends to benefit democrats that their voters are more likely to use some of of these measures so that is republican rationale. But they were very much united should on this folks behind senate minority leader. We didn't have one republican who broke ranks and they blocked this vote from even going to a procedure debate in the senate floor those mcconnell arguably have a case there is it possible that the democratic party is not necessarily preceding out of a pure heart or desire to expand the franchise necessarily the case. Because what happened. I mean i did say that. It benefits democrats but there are also examples where competit- republicans for example a lot of trump voters us early voting in the last election. So wash i think one of the issues in the background here. Is that a lot of new measures were brought in a state by state level because of the pandemic last year so there were more options for people to vote early to drop their ballots off in a safe box kind of thing. Republicans are arguing. That democrats are trying to make these measures permanent when there is no need to but there are so it measures thus republicans oppose that are obviously trying to suppress the vote in some cases. Black folks for example moves in texas to maybe a limit sunday voting. That scene is very much an attack on a practice known as sold to the polls here whereby a lot of churchgoing people in the black community and our go to the voting booth after church on a sunday for example so if you pick down through the various measures that are going on at state by state level here there are definitely some measures to actively suppress the vote it within certain communities vice president kamala harris who was of course in the senate to watch this idea be sunk has said that the fight is not over a use. The possible next step so the problem here is like a lot of Laws in america each a lot of power over how they run elections and this bill was an effort to bring in a federal nationwide standard. That has now failed so it now. Looks like the main option for democrats or for the biden administration if they want to try and stop what they see as suppression of ultra-right across the country and would be the justice department to maybe take a case against what texas doing. What george is doing. That's probably the most likely next step here. The other issue is that a lot of democrats are now calling for the filibuster to be abolished. Dot dot is the mechanism in the senate which essentially demands a sixty vote majority rather than a simple majority in the henderson to pass legislation. They are now saying that that is undone democratic quiet that you need sixty votes when when democrats have control of the senate the it's fifty fifty but with the casting. Vote of the vice president. Democrats essentially have a majority there and they are saying if democrats wants to advance something. They should be allowed to do that. Why do we have the sixty gold threshold. So we may see efforts to change that whole filibuster system in the coming months. I think it'll be greater pressure to do so now. Just a final quick thought. Susan does this in any way tie in with the the republican party's ongoing attempts Softly unsubtly to de legitimize last november's presidential election. I think it does. I think there is a connection here because the efforts that are going on in republican controlled states are directly response to the controversy over at last year's election and the unsubstantiated claims by president trump at sports that he actually wouldn't so if these states so it's in the very states where donald trump questioned the results that these efforts to suppress the will restrict voting access are underway..

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