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A little bit uh for a moment here eric callixte he is a man has certainly improved their play there are the results to show for it in terms of wins but boy he's had a good little stretch here last three games averaging nineteen points a game four and a half rebounds a 5 assists per game had twenty points two rebounds 4 assists against fordham maybe is not taken care of the ball quite as well as you might like but and he's also hit nineteen consecutive free throws in the last three games and out was a key that was a key throughout beating quinnipiac maine's loan win of the season when it he went seven for seven down the stretch but to these certainly uh putting his team somewhat on his shoulders little bit john i think again as a redshirt junior fourth year round the program he kind of feels he has to be the guy to uh lead the black bears uh on the court and maybe a little off the court as well you mentioned the assisted turnover ratio if he could improve that that would certainly uh really improve his game overall but he's been scoring points who black bears obviously needed help what the offense of an average of the sixty one points per game but he is becoming even more so missile kinda flashes his freshman and sophomore seasons as the point guard for the black bears head of taking over that for general a roll but this year as a redshirt junior again a veteran i think he kind of really stepping into that is clean up those turnovers and the search for the black bears uh when joy his player with here any assert you get the feeling with his team that we we're really don't know what we're looking at yet because of sort of that the way the schedule has played out i mean they're playing a lot of these guarantee games against the george pounds in the texas tax in the boston colleges of the.

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