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Week. Lost to the Patriots and weak ones. They've played two of their hardest games already. And we'll see what they end up beings. That roster has improved, and they kind of proved it last week, pushing the bills making Josh Alan really beat them. Is what they did so dolphins and Jaguars about an hour away two of the swaggy ist quarterbacks in the league, Ryan Fitzpatrick and his beard against Gardner Menchu in his mustache. Got to go Beard over the mustache Fits made the point earlier this week when asked about men choose mustache is the mustache is for those with the patchy sides. Those who grow moustache is can't grow. Beards essentially is what Fitzpatrick was leading into. And as someone that Khun grow a beard. I'm not going to dispute it. I I could never see myself having a mustache. Like for real as a joke, Maybe, like for one or two nights there like I don't know. You got a big hockey game Beer League hockey game going on. Everybody wants the wearer must ashes or something for Halloween like I could see doing that. But doing it full time now. But it's kind of the persona of gardener Menchu. I love gardening meant you. He is fun. He is. Crazy off the field. He's good on the field. And I don't really see an end in sight for this guy. He has been good. He's been accurate. He is mobile. He passed. The numbers are good. He passes my eye test. Now he doesn't have the strongest arm in the world to make all the throws and then might limit him. Toe having a ceiling similar to that of Derek Carr. That Andy Dalton like one of those middle tier quarterbacks in the league. But He's got that swagger in that confidence that fits does And the reason I think he might be better than fits. Is I kind of like his physical tools of are roughly the same, but Fitz could get careless with the football lot of interceptions in Menchu does not really turn the ball over. So If he gave me Ryan Fitzpatrick for his career without turnovers. That's a pretty good quarterback. Now. Maybe he could be better than that. I don't know. Well, how high you ceiling is I don't think it's good enough to where the Jaguar is built around him, but he's curious. We don't really know. We don't know how good yet. And this season is kind of his trial. There is nobody there to be benched for him to be benched for. Jake Lewton 1/6 Round Rookie is the backup Mike Glennon is also there and that's it. He's not getting benched for one of those two, so the Jaguars might be tanking, but at the same time they're tanking. They might be trying to figure out what they've got in men Xuan whether he's good enough for them to not draft a quarterback next season. I just can't imagine that's gonna happen. Because one thing that's starting to happen in the league that I that I'm noticing is There are all of these guys who are starting caliber quarterbacks. That didn't get jobs this past offseason. Jamis Winston is a starting caliber quarterback. Is he a great one? No. 30 interceptions last season, But the guy threw for 5000. Plus yards he threw for 30 touchdowns in the right circumstances. You could really that in a little bit. It's a pretty good quarterback Jameis Winston should have a starting job in the league. Early so he could Andy Dalton. Is capable of that. 10 years ago. I feel like Andy Dalton gets jumped. A pretty good quarterback for a long time. He has all his other. His old team is rebuilding so and they have a position to draft of number one overall pick quarterback Dalton leaves generally, that guy gets a gig. The Dalton settled for a backup job. Winston settled for a backup job, marry Oda. Had a case to be a starting quarterback in the league. Marriott a settled for a backup job. Hey, it took Teddy Bridgewater, who was a first round pick who had done fairly well in Minnesota. Had a terrible injury got back healthy. And it took him three years to find a starting job and the team that gave him a starting job is kind of rebuilding. They're starting over. And The commitment to him was not that of a franchise quarterback. It seemed to be more of a placeholder. So These quarterbacks that are coming into the league. Where? What's the team? That's just got a glaring need. Jacksonville was on that list with Gardner Menchu. But it meant she was good. How many other teams are there? The Jets are probably gonna be picking at the top of the draft. With a new coach. Not in assuming Adam case is fired. With a new coach. I could see that being one Who's got the most volatilities quarterback. Because you look around the league and most teams have got their guy. The bills have their got their guy. No, it's great that we don't have to have this conversation anymore. Well, at least at this point. Evalyn just doesn't fall on his face the loss of the rest of the season. There's nothing to say that's going to happen. Bill's know who their quarterback is. We don't have to discuss whether they should draft one. Patriots. Maybe could be this of Cam Newton left, and Francie. Maybe New England is this long term volatilities quarterback. New England. Maybe at the top The Jets, maybe at the top. The Dolphins are not on that list because the two of you Obviously, the Chiefs know.

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