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Energy, and it also feels a little bit like he's like I needed tarnished my goody goody image by beating up dogs. He is very much the bad guy here's a real wallet we G. He's deliciously villainous. Here's a villains mustache to go with his attitude, but also, Karen Gillan is one of the other larger names that I'm like wh-. What She shows up in like two seeds to be like, maybe we should listen to Harrison Ford and that's it. Yeah. She doesn't have I have to like Jesse was saying I wouldn't be surprised if there was a heavy edit it done. What I would call I called the thin red line where the editing process removes whole storylines and even actors and things like that. Honestly. I Karen Gillan did a great job but I would have liked to have seen comedian Natasha Lazaro take this one on this. Lady in a Victorian dress relaxing on a dog sled sipping a Bellini or whatever is exactly what Natasha would have kicked. But at yeah. Yeah that's fair. That's fair although we wouldn't have gotten the MC you twentieth century X., Men Star Wars crossover that we get when Harrison Ford tells them. You don't know what you're doing. You'RE GONNA kill all those dogs explain on. PBS Crossover between Dr, who and Downton Abbey thank you very much. There's got to be someone's got to have written down a navy doctor who crossover story, right? Yeah they'd be fucking. Much about the doctor he's he's kind of. It doesn't really do a lot of that, but but maybe he watches Elliot notice. How how great would it cross with? Tom Baker's doctor and Maggie Smith from Downton Abbey. She's his new companion and they're just traveling time and space this like snooty various sarcastic rich old lady and the craziest who has ever on television in any way shape or form with a long scarf what a great story someone rate at send it to me I'm not gonNA write it I don't have time I've got two children. Okay Anyway. These rich jerks? They're treating the dogs terribly Harrison Ford tracks them down and he freeze buck but Dan. Stevens takes the rest of the dogs away at gunpoint and you know they're all doomed. You just know there's no, there's no way they're gonNA survive including including. The other humans that are on the sled they're doomed to yet. They're all doomed show up and they leave knowing that they're doomed. For, takes buck back home and he goes to a bar and Dan Stevens Attacks Ford. At a bar saying everybody fell through the ice and died he blames Harrison Ford for it because he can't own up to his own mistakes but who's there to save Harrison Ford it's buck. That's right. He knows where his his bread is buttered with the nice man with the Harmonica. Guys I'm looking at fan fiction dot net right now, and there are twenty two stories that are doctor who and Downton Abbey crossovers grading including such titles as the housekeepers tail. The Madman, the rebel rate isn't it? L. E. OR T. A. I. L.. I didn't see. Got Vera. Anyway, So you know God bless you out there keep it up. Okay. Now look and see if there's any Crawford Green back to the future and the Monster Cereal Universe Count Chocula. Is this your way to keep me shut up really. I really like when you show the initiative to do research. I want to gratify. Courage it. Buck he knows that Harrison Ford is drinking too much. He takes a fire towards whiskey bottle and varies it in the snow and sits on it when I'm calling a dog prevention and Harrison Ford. Explains to him. Oh, I had a son and he died of fever. He always dreamed of exploring the unmapped areas of the Yukon hit buck. You could go off and do that together and they do and they're canoeing the rapids and the they get caught in rapids and I was like, Oh, no something bad's going to happen. No, the boat just springs a leak in Harrisonburg Goes I. Guess that's the end of that boat and they just walk in. Harrison Ford has to explain to buck what a boat is. Like it's a boat we're gonNA ride on it. Harrison Ford let's book share his tent. They're having an idyllic time and they have something between a father son relationship a man dog relationship and kind of like two people have just fallen in love and just can't get enough of each other and just one can't. They just don't never wanNA be apart Yeah. Later on where Harrison Ford was talking about how you know he and his wife just. After sunset and I expected to end up with, and now you're my wife. He's like, but even before that, we had a sort of arrangement. My grieving wife and I have an understanding. There's a moment where they're out in the wilderness and it's beautiful there and Ford tells book your ancestors used to roam here and mine back when we were wild and I was like your ancestors Harrison. Yeah, he's. To California, where they shot this Where they? Sleep shot this Murphy we go back to the cradle of civilization maybe. Davey. There's a lot of scenes where characters like go outside and it's snowy but they're like there's no breeze and it doesn't actually look that cold. It's that kind of a kind of a cold winter spy. There are many scenes of transportation. There are many like long montages of them cruising the dogs the dogs sleigh through the you know through the Alaskan wilderness. That, really look like they were. They look like they were painted by the painter of Light Thomas Kincaid. Like Taller. If you him like take this, still photograph took of a hill in. Santa Clara. And really northern lights it up. That's pretty much what else there is. No. There are none of the movie outside of Harrison Ford's face looks like something you could actually touch. Yeah. I I was going. I was just going to talk about assumed. I. Was going to see the crowd from the padres scenes of Star Wars. But you know it's not that important. I just wanted to win our audience even then you're gonNA WANNA get Harrison Ford's permission before you touch his face. That's true. That is important but it is. It does feel like there's a version of this movie I'm sure they've made multiple versions this movie over the years I've never seen the thirty one which apparently this one takes elements from, but there's a I guarantee you. There's some version this movie that was shot in the sixties where they really went to Alaska and they really had real dogs. and. Everybody hated making it and but I kind of wanted a little bit of that in this like it it doesn't. It loses a sense of reality that I would have liked to have seen or either that road of him to go all the way and just make this an animated movie like there's no reason. This couldn't be like a regular two D. Disney hand-drawn animated movie. And then s some songs. Maybe the dogs talk a little bit like you go as. A paycheck yet, Josh Gad is like the goofy dog from the sled like eight bucks I. You know we gotta you know, Hey, you know. What's going on all that? Spitz spits his what like it can't be Jeremy Irons against Switzerland. Two. screenplays on Elliott's desk whole which to it over and over say Josh Gad Colon? Hey. You know. This is the thing that we talked about when when we were watching it here is that like if like they could take this basic exact screenplay and exact tone and if yeah if Disney and made it like sometime around like beauty and the beast or something. Everyone would be like this is great. You know it's it it really. It it feels like it should be that I wonder if you Eddie pitch and originally as a as an animated movie and they said Guys Balto exists the animated Alaskan sled dog movie is taken we. Arrays Balto People's minds and hearts. Don't we just buy up all the Princeton and DVD's of Balto in pretend never existed. With. More than five bucks late ridiculous Zam, the Sindbad GD movie that did exist but we are raised it from permanent record forever. Say the thing that's a little bit of a bummer. Middle, ground that they chose in how they present the film to me. Is. There are a lot of things in the movie the work you know we talked about Harrison Ford he's wonderful like I will just watch Harrison Ford in his elderly man. Giant ears and nose A. Big. David. Letterman. Beard like I would love totally ripped body I know..

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