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Looking for call today at 8338 rocket or go to rocket mortgage dot com to learn more called for cost information and conditions. Equal housing lender license in all 50 states in MLS number 30 30. Which states air safe to reopen their schools. Color codes may be the key task force coordinator, Dr Deborah Burkes was applauding West Virginia's color coded map to classify the status of 55 school districts. The map is based on the seven day average of new daily cases, Green signifies minimal community spread. There's yellow and orange and red means the spread is substantial Classroom learning is not on the table and online learning must be Innovated West Virginia's map is based on a Harvard University model. But it places more emphasis on the potential spread of the virus rather than just the confirmed cases. I'm Jackie Quinn. Members were down on Wall Street Wednesday without dropping 58 points. The S and P and NASDAQ were down from record highs the previous day, with the S and P shedding a love of the NASDAQ losing 43. Breaking news analysis a townhall dot com Senator Mitch McConnell is challenging his Democratic opponent to a one on one in person. Today, McConnell issued the call for what he called a socially distance Lincoln Douglas style debate between himself a Democrat Amy McGrath, he says, quote this would be a debate just between the two of us. No notes at the table, no props and no audience. The one on one in person debate would then be televised statewide. McConnell is a major target for Democrats. This election, according to the Center for Responsive Politics Out of some $5.5 million flowing into Kentucky from outside the state for a half million dollars is being spent against Republicans by reporters. Apple has become the first U. S company to most a market value of two trillion, as technology continues to reshape the world where smartphones are like Appendages and digital services are like instruments orchestrating people's.

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