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Nelson post acl what what does it say to the guys in locker room when the new head coach maybe substitutes a slightly better player for slightly worse player and the reason is what you described it as us about culture and he gives by the way that another player a new contract while cutting michael while moving along for michael crabtree also moved on from marquette king yesterday cleared a jon gruden is trying to send a message about what he wants his players mentality to be and i don't have a problem with that as long as it works out and that's a risky gamble to take especially when you cut your quarterbacks favorite target derek carr that's clearly his favorite target over the past speier year and a half so we you start getting rid of those type of players into production at crabtree brought to that team you better be able to replace it and that's where i think amari cooper steps into your points see jordy nelson being there and being more of a mentor for cooper to try to get them back on track because the talent to me is undeniable skill set is there it's just a matter of making sure that he's healthy and he's confident amari cooper has the personality of someone like larry fitzgerald aj green and julio jones he is not the type of person he needs help in the sistan guidance but he's not the kind of wide receiver who needs a mentor he's got his life together he's very very mature started at alabama as a freshman and went on to start three straight years their national championship so he has the type of maturity and focus that you want and he left after his true junior year he's still a very say people forget the ages matter here some guys leave alabama twenty four you don't win amari came into the league if i remember correctly he was the youngest player in his draft class for the second youngest player so even those going into your four he's still a very young player which people.

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