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The field is hard to tackle kick off Merrill had stadium in KC on Sunday is set for two oh five in the NBA the threes were falling adviser forum last night pulls up for three wind up it's another way for what's that term that is both is Middleton with three of his twenty three points there is the box held off the Celtics one twenty eight to one twenty three hi Judy night for the bucs offense who finished shooting fifty percent from the field and fifty one percent from three to outlast the Celtics at Pfizer form behind big games from Yanis and Dante di Vincenzo as Dante was one of four box players to hit three or more triples in the game knocking down a team high four while adding a new career high nineteen points in the victory Justin Garcia WTMJ sports the Bucks are back in action tomorrow night in Brooklyn against the nets and finally in college hoops Wisconsin shooting for its third consecutive win over a ranked opponent tonight the badgers are visiting fifteenth ranked Michigan state tip off tonight is at six meanwhile market looks to make it two wins in a row tomorrow the golden eagles will be in Washington DC taking on the Georgetown Hoyas little Jesuit battle for your tip off that one you can hear the game on ninety four five yes paean coverage of that one starts at noon down the hall coming up on seven forty eight voice of the Packers win wherever you live next when severe weather is in the forecast you can count on on making venturing outdoors a very unpleasant experience up to date forecasts when you can expect a shovel and the latest on road conditions situation this morning as well I forty three severe weather coverage on WTMJ to buy fleet farms the brewers fiftieth anniversary season is coming up quickly and now is the time to make sure that you're a part of it all when you join the crew the brewers twenty game membership you will secure a priority.

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